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Let the love in: best Valentine's Day ads 2024

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 13, 2024
May 29, 2024

While we're still recovering from the Super Bowl (here are our 6 favorite ads from the Big Game), Valentine's Day ads 2024 are here, and advertisers have already given us some amazing campaigns. Let's see what brands have in store this February.

1. Recipe Therapy - Two Hot Asians

Credit: Two Hot Asians

Why: the question "what do you want to eat?" is righteously among the most difficult ones in the history of mankind. And when you have a special other, answering it becomes even harder. Well, the solution comes from a surprising place. The hot sauce brand Two Hot Asians might have settled the indecisiveness once and for all. Ahead of Valentine's Day, the company introduced a Recipe Therapy Book. The description is perfect. "Recipe Therapy consists of 16 unique dishes, each inspired by the most common indecisive answers. Part therapy session, part cookbook, it was crafted to settle this culinary crisis once and for all." Buying.

2. Goodbye pies - Pizza Hut


Why: relationships may start with pizza. They can end with pizza too. This might be one of the most "reality check" Valentine's Day ads 2024, but here we are. Pizza Hut is offering "goodbye pies" in Miami, Chicago and New York. The promise? Pizza Hut delivers the pizza to a person you want to break up with for free. While there's only one positive here. Pizza is free. The negatives on behalf of your soon-to-be ex include crying, miscommunication-induced breakdown, and seeking closure. That's definitely a crazily creative campaign and an absolutely outrageous way to end the relationship.

3. A la carte dinner - White Castle

Credit: White Castle

Why: have you ever dreamed of White Castle. But like a fine dining restaurant. Meaning white tablecloth, waiters, a menu to the table, and a classy atmosphere. Well, Valentine's Day 2024 is your chance to live this experience at a popular fast-food chain. For one day only, the burger-serving joint will turn into an a la carte restaurant from 4 to 9 p.m. "Love Castle" is the name of this format and it's an extremely clever pop-up way to promote your brand during the Valentine's Day craze. Also, it's a tradition for White Castle, the company has been doing that for the last 33 years. You can still book your table online.

4. Multiple Valentine's Day ads 2024 - Ikea

Credit: Ikea

Why: the Swedish brand gives its country stores freedom of creative expression this Valentine's Day and we've got several cool campaigns floating around the Internet. First comes the "Will you move in with me?" proposal using the iconic Ikea's "Vallen Key" from Ikea Dubai.

Then Ikea Canada announced that it's hosting a three-course dinner for couples at its locations on the 14th of February.

Credit: Ikea

But the most creative of the Valentine's Day ads 2024 by Ikea comes from Greece with this poignant campaign putting the focus on the sometimes problematic assembly of the store's furniture. The brand plays with the time indicators that show how much the couples argue about the instructions and then when they actually finish the assembly.

5. "Bottle-positive" - Hendrick's Gin

Credit: Hendrick's Gin

Why: now Gin doesn't come up as the first thing you think about when it comes to Valentine's Day ads 2024, but here we are. Hendrick's Gin introduced us the the "bottle-positive" lingerie for its bottles. Yes, you're reading that right, a lingerie line specifically created for the bottles. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call creativity.

6. “Fried Chicken Rings” collection - KFC Thailand

Credit: KFC Thailand

Why: here's a Valentine's Day ad that's going to make you question your reality a little bit. KFC Thailand has announced ahead of the big date for lovers, that it's going to give a gift of “Fried Chicken Rings” to 11 lucky couples. The brand then asked users to submit their love stories on social media for a chance to win the accessory. The twist? The company says that the rings are " each crafted with love and infused with the essence of KFC’s legendary fried chicken."

And then adds "This unique collaboration transforms KFC’s iconic crispy fried chicken into real gems through a virtual scientific process, simulating the natural gem formation process under extreme heat of 1,800 degrees and 11 hours of pressure."

So is it made from chicken? Let's wait until the Valentine's Day is over to find out. In any case, that's an intriguing campaign on behalf of KFC.

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