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Samsung supplied a gigantic LED display in the form of the F1 logo for the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 20, 2023
May 29, 2024

Formula One frenzy has taken over Las Vegas. Verstappen won (as if you doubted that), and there was a lot of neon and tones of social media coverage. There was also a giant 481-foot F1 logo rooftop LED display from Samsung.

Las Vegas Grand Prix
Credit: Samsung

The specifics: 25,000 LED modules occupy a 1,000-foot-long pit building rooftop, that's what Samsung brought to the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Their display is so bright it can be seen from outer space.

We're talking about a 28,166-square-foot 10mm LED display that has over 22 million pixels and spans 481 feet. While it's not The Sphere level of "wow", it's a fitting addition to the excessive bravado of this year's Las Vegas Grand Prix.

And that's not all, Samsung also installed a 1,480-square-foot 3.9mm LED escalator display with over 9 million pixels as well as 941-square-foot 8mm LED displays that occupy the grandstands for an enhanced viewer experience.

The words: “The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix is a turning point for the sport of racing, as the installation of these best-in-class Samsung displays dramatically adorns the Las Vegas Grand Prix pit building and revolutionizes how fans in the grandstands watch this race,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President of the Display and Home Entertainment Divisions, Samsung Electronics America.

The context: it was reported that F1 spent almost $500 million on the grande event in Las Vegas. While some drivers like Verstappen criticized the "show before sport" approach, others like Lewis Hamilton supported the organization's decision to have a circuit in Sin City.

For fans, it was a neverending digital signage-powered spectacle. The race kicked off with a pompous opening that featured 30 Seconds to Mars, Kylie Minogue, John Legend, and orange cone-dressed J. Balvin. Then the drivers emerged on the platforms like some kind of Tron racers to be greeted by the crowd. Screens were dominant both in the opening and during the race itself.

While it remains to be seen whether the Las Vegas Grand Prix is a success for F1, it's definitely a success for the digital signage industry.

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