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KFC unveils clever Tower Burger ad campaign in OOH and social media formats

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 9, 2024
May 29, 2024

What if your ad doesn't "fit" into a TV screen? KFC has unveiled an original Tower Burger ad campaign with a series of "oversized" billboards and a video for social media with Disturbed iconic "oh ah ah ah."


KFC Tower Burger Ad

What happened

KFC knows how to do a memorable campaign. Their latest Tower Burger ad is exactly that. The premise is unbelievably simple. There's just an image of a burger and a female narrator with a British accent. The commercial starts with "the following commercial is too tall for TV" and the only visual we will see is the aforementioned Tall Burger.

The "climax" of the Tower Burger ad is when the image rotates to "fit" into the frame and we hear the famous song from the American Chicago-based heavy metal band Disturbed starting to play in the background. Finally, the ending comes with the legendary "oh ah ah ah" chant. A fitting soundtrack to announce the new burger it is.

But the video is just one creative element. KFC also launched a series of billboards to continue with the "too tall" messaging. If the TV can't contain the Tower Burger, OOH adapts to its size. The billboards come with geometry-inspired slogans like "vertically gifted:"

Credit: KFC
Credit: KFC

And also "sheer vertical volume" like this one:

Credit: KFC

What else about Tower Burger Ad

Tower Burger is not entirely new, though. It simply returns in an updated version featuring a hash brown to make the taste *arguably* better. It may or may not be your thing taste-wise, but the campaign that creative agency Mother did for KFC is definitely our taste.

The agency is a go-to creative studio for the likes of Uber, Ikea, and Samsung. They specialize in over-the-top, wildly original campaigns that stay in the collective imagination for months, and even years to come. Like this "Turkey-Sized Meatball" activation for Swedish Ikea that Mother launched in December 2023:


The agency isn't afraid to polarize opinions either. Their Christmas ad for M&S that featured a plethora of celebrities including Ted Lasso's star Hannah Waddingham has divided people so much in 2023 that the candy brand even pulled it from its official channels. See the ad yourself:


Don't forget to check out our 5 Restaurant Marketing Campaigns to Get Inspired by (+10 more) article that features several entries from KFC.

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