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“It’s Just a Screen, Right?“: What You Get Wrong About Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 19, 2019
May 29, 2024

Learn the common digital signage mistakes about the benefits of the digital signage tech and system’s use cases. We’re busting the myths that you may have heard about the signage usage.

It’s always a bit scary to try out the new technology for business purposes, especially when it comes to complex digital systems. We understand that some of our readers may have been having the wrong impression on what is digital signage is and what are the benefits of digital signage. 

This is the reason why we’ve prepared this post with the comprehensive myth-busting to destroy every doubt that you may have regarding the signage hardware and software. Meet our ultimate guide on what you get wrong about digital signage benefits and advantages.

It’s the Same as a Billboard, but with Video Content

No, it’s not the same at all, and that’s the beauty of it. While we talk about the printed old-fashioned billboards and even digital ones with the rotating content, we’re missing the idea of interactivity that the digital signage aims for. 

Digital signage allows you to not only provide your viewers and potential clients with the dynamic feed of content but also have an active form of interaction with them. 

This goes to touchscreen functionalities, movement tracking, eye-tracking, and other technologically-advanced features that signage can offer you. When you deal with digital signage, you have plenty of interactiveness and ways of engaging your target audience. 

It’s Impossible to Measure the Interactions with Passive Viewers/Audience

That’s also not true. There are two types of interaction that your viewers and potential clients may have: active and passive.

When we say active — we mean interaction with the screen through the touch, speech, etc. This allows you to get precise engagement data and get the leads’ flow from the digital signage network of yours. This form of interaction is quite easy to track.

But what about passive interaction? This way of engagement will probably be anonymous, but the digital signage screen will still be able to gather some data regarding this interaction for you. Facial analytics, eye tracking, and other data assets can be collected through the signage screen, making it possible for you to measure the success of your DOOH ad campaign. 

So as you can see, you can measure the success of your digital signage network and make sure your marketing efforts get to the end-user.

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Digital Signage Software Can Be Only Managed by a Specialist

Thankfully, we live in 2019, and it’s not like that at all. We won’t lie, the installation of the digital signage hardware may require help from a specialist, especially when we talk about the signage booth. However, when it comes to software management — it’s now easier than ever. 

As of today, several companies are delivering user-friendly software to manage the content that you get out there on the screens. Some of them only require you to get familiar with the Apple TV, and you’re up and running. 

You will be able to make the necessary edits to your content feed on the go and entirely on your own. For example, we offer you the in-built content editor to help you make adjustments and edits right in your digital signage software. 

So basically, you won’t have a lot of questions on how to use digital signage.

Customers Won’t Recall What They Saw on the Dynamic Digital Screen

Studies show that the digital signage recall rate is around 73%, which means that more than half of your viewers get the message that your brand tries to deliver.

Of course, it all depends on the daily number of viewers that walk by your displays, but statistics prove that digital signage screens are way more effective than you thought. The signage advertising will reach the minds of your potential clients, so you only have to work on the content itself, and you’re good to go. 

Having a Digital Signage Screen Is Still Less Effective Than Utilizing Social Media Platforms

Not entirely true. While social media advertising still works excellent along with the AdWords, the digital signage content will help you reach more viewers than videos on Facebook.

You should also note that the most prominent benefit of digital signage is the ability to deliver any content type. You can not only showcase the pictures or videos; you can use interactive booking systems, display alerts, time tables, schedules, charts, presentations. Anything is possible with a decent signage system. 

Don’t get us wrong, and we don’t say that digital signage dominates social media platforms. You can find the perfect balance and tie these two marketing channels to get the best results.

Digital Signage Only Covers One Target Audience

Actually, the signage system with a proper software will allow you to segment the audiences you want to interact with. When we talk about the signage network, you’ll have 2-3 displays and an opportunity to control each of them. 

Content segmentation through digital signage screens is quite easy and fun. The adjustments to your target audience content can be made remotely through the signage software dashboard. 

Final Thoughts on Digital Signage Benefits and Misconceptions

There is plenty of content out there that describes the pros and cons of digital signage hardware or software. We genuinely believe that no matter what, signage is a powerful technology that can boost the growth and success of your business. It doesn’t matter whether you own a small retail store or a big fancy restaurant. Everyone can benefit. 

Before you make your final decision on whether you need digital signage or not, we offer you to see the detailed case studies of our users’ businesses and see it yourself.

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