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“It’s a kind of an idea generator”: Intuiface’s Vincent Encontre on the Interactive Digital Signage.

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 16, 2019
May 29, 2024

One of the most important questions every customer who opts for digital signage asks himself – how accessible is this technology? During our podcast interview with Vincent Encontre (COO of Intuiface) at the DSSE earlier this month, we discussed the prospects and challenges for interactive screens. To address the demands of customers, we asked Vincent: can a regular retailer use interactive digital signage easily?

“First, there’s a lack of ideas out there. Beyond the kiosk where I’m going to touch and browse my product, there’s something that is already offered on the website, mobile app. What should I do? To cope with that we’ve released what we call Intuiville. It’s a way for us to present through the web different places, locations in a city, like a retail store or stadium, church, workplace, where you can zoom in and show any kind of usages you can obtain through interactivity. So it’s a kind of an idea generator. We have one vertical here which is retail. The other thing is that most of the CMS vendors and through them – the integrators, are creating interactivity through coding and HTML5. That’s the answer to the different kinds of usages. 

What we have built and what we believe is one of the unique value propositions is… Instead of proposing HTML5 which is only for the developers to create a really interactive experience we have provided and offering a tool where you can build, using simple triggers and actions, very complex workflows and rich customer experience. And some of our customers are retailers. And not even their IT organization, but their business organization has been able to take Intuiface and do the job by themselves. Large retailers. But it’s also a way for small and medium-sized integrators to be able to compete because they ought to have a development team to hire to retain and so on. So we are giving weapons for the small and medium-sized agencies and integrators, a way to compete for a larger deal with Intuiface interactive signage.” Vincent Encontre, COO at Intuiface

Listen to the full podcast interview with Vincent Encontre to learn how interactive digital signage creates new marketing possibilities and how it can pave a way for a regular business to succeed:

Kitcast Podcast feat Intuiface – Episode 6 – What About Interactive Digital Signage?

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