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ISE 2024 Day 4 - Key Takeaways

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 2, 2024
May 29, 2024

So just like that ISE 2024 is over. Frankly speaking, 4 days is too much for a trade show. Nevertheless, ISE 2024 Day 4 was productive and exciting. Our booth had many visitors, we've had time to check out even more cool products and see a bit of Barcelona too.

Let's have the recap of the day and conclude with key takeaways from ISE.

Emphasis on immersive

If you were to choose one word to describe the biggest trend at ISE 2024, "immersive" would be it. From Samsung to Sony, from BrightSign to Scala, every player in the realm of digital technology showcased immersive experiences.

Such solutions as interactive touchpads, screen boxes, gigantic 3D video walls, touch-based integrations, engaging games, and innovative sensor-activated retail screens were omnipresent on the floor.

In-store personalization was also a highlight of the show. We've seen smart try-on screens, displays connecting consumers directly to customer support through video calls, AI-powered holographic helpers, and motion-activated digital backgrounds.

This fact just proves that our trend predictions for 2024 ring very true. The customer wants more personalization, and there is a high demand for a more intimate approach. AR is getting bigger and the experiences get more sensory. And digital signage is ready to give all that through new means.

Apple TV as a tool for digital signage still surprises

We had a chance to talk to hundreds of ISE 2024 visitors in 4 days. The fact that Apple TV isn't generally considered for digital signage was evident. When we presented the capabilities of Kitcast, people were impressed by the potential and the simplicity.

While you're here, be sure to check out our article about the benefits of using Apple TV for digital signage.

Apple TV is still considered a device for personal use. However, if you pair its impressive tech capabilities with Kitcast magic happens. You're getting yourself an enterprise-level digital signage solution that can work with as many screens as you want.

This plug-and-play mentality as well as slick design were noted by the ISE visitors.

And we're not leaving the trade show empty-handed, Kitcast has won the Best of Show Award in the “Digital Signage” category which is a nice recognition for the work we've done so far.

ISE 2024 Day 4 through our eyes

A dancing lady with a digital background steals the scene

ISE 2024 really does understand the "show" part of a trade show. Chinese company XR Studio even brought a dancer to make the floor browsing much more exciting. Accompanied by the traditional music and beautiful digital background, the lady stole the show and became a highlight of ISE drawing crowds with each performance.

Rise of the electronic paper signage

ISE 2024 Day 4 digital info board

With sustainability strongly featured in the presentations of many companies, the real hero of this trend was the electronic paper. Many brands have showcased e-ink solutions alongside the classic digital ones. Also, there were very promising providers of electronic paper signage solutions like the London-based Papercast.

Mario (sans AI and Italian accent) was there too

It seems big tech shows can't go without Mario these days. And it always involves the Italian plumber taking the holographic form.

First, the unofficial talking AI-powered Mario hologram was bizarrely brought to CES 2024 by AARP ( American Association of Retired Persons) and Proto. Plot twist: it wasn't officially affiliated with Nintendo. Also, it sported a very cartoonish Italian accent.

ISE 2024 followed the Mario trend, albeit without talking. The hologram of the video game character could be found at the booth of Chinese Muxwave. It was kinda cute.

You could talk to an AI hologram prototype

AOTO Electronics introduced their "meta-human" prototype named Awakeney. Talking to her was a pleasure, even though she seemed to constantly mishear the words. AI-powered holograms are always cool and this one wasn't an exception. Although, we have to admit that the prototype was still a bit clumsy.

ISE 2024 Day 4 - Kitcast is celebrating

Here's our team celebrating yet another successful trade show. It was great to be a part of such a big event as ISE 2024. We're coming back next year.

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