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ISE 2024 Day 3 in Barcelona - an award for Kitcast, The Wall, and full immersion

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 2, 2024
May 29, 2024

We have written a lot about the rise of immersive experiences. Well, our ICE 2024 Day 3 was all about this. Also, Kitcast was awarded the Best of Show Award 2024 in the "Digital Signage" category. So we had an extra reason to be happy too. Let's dive right into the ISE 2024 Day 3 recap.

Kitcast gets the Best of Show Award in the "Digital Signage" category

As we were driving to Fira Gran Via (ISE 2024's venue), an email came. AV Network, the premier online resource for audio visual news and industry trends in digital signage, has informed us that Kitcast has been selected as the winner of the "Digital Signage" award at ISE 2024.

And it wasn't just an empty online lingo, the award came in a very nice and physical form:

Kitcast digital signage ISE 2024 Award

While we have a customer-first mentality and are primarily focused on what the people who use our app think, it's always cool to be recognized. Especially at such a gigantic show as ISE 2024.

Of course, we did our best to celebrate this fact staging different poses with the trophy at our booth.

ISE 2024 Day 3 in Barcelona  Kitcast
Denys, Pavlo, and Egor with the award
Pavlo and Alex with the award
Pavlo with the award, solo

It was fun. Trade shows are generally fun.

Also, we've met with a director of another big show that Kitcast regularly takes part in. David Drain from DSE came by and we had a chat about the current state of digital signage technology.

And we had a stable flow of people who wanted to take our stickers. That's fine because our stickers are awesome.

On the floor - immersive experiences

We've had some time to explore the enormous grounds of ISE 2024 and got acquainted with the latest know-how in immersive digital experiences. One of the advantages of ISE's size is that you can have the image of the whole technological world with video, audio, stage, retail, entertainment, and everything in between represented.

Going from hall to hall is an adventure in itself, thrilling for anyone who has a hand on the pulse of modern technology. You see holograms, spectacular video walls, laser screens, high-precision cameras, Ferraris, motorbikes with digital backgrounds, and AI helpers. It's a wild ride.

What's evident in 2024, though, is how everything rapidly becomes interactive, touch-based, and engaging. Many of the exhibitors emphasized interactivity bringing booths that immerse you in something or serve as the key to immersion themselves.

Also, there are mega solutions too. Two words. The Wall. Here's what it is.

Samsung brings The Wall to ISE 2024

We wrote about LG's Public Media Art (which is impressive in its own right). But Samsung's "The Wall" is on a different, jaw-dropping level.

Just look at it in action:

The colors are clear and sharp. The immersion is absolute. The feeling of combining the visuals with the sound effects and the music is epic. That's exactly the kind of next-gen technology that you come to trade shows like ISE for.

Standing next to it at times feels like actually being devoured by the waves. We were impressed.

Scala shows interactive retail digital signage

As a part of our vlog, we interviewed Scala and asked them to show us their immersive retail solution. It's cool, it's functional, and it comes with sensors.


BrightSign talks about the trends for 2024

Another digital signage player that we connected with was the BrightSign. We talked to Brian S. Rowley, about digital signage trends, AI, and immersive retail.


Afterward, we got a tour of yet another retail experience powered by sensors. In this case, in collaboration with Nexmosphere.

Both Scala and BrightSign use the same principle of operation. Sensors enable screens to show exactly what the customer needs to see. This is simple, extremely personalized, and immensely slick.

Ferrari on the show's floor

One of the coolest immersive booths came from a series of companies. Alfalite, Mo-Sys, Driving Plates, and Assimilate joined forces to create an uber-cool experience that featured an actual Ferrari, a camera, and a dynamic digital background.


Of course, our Pavlo couldn't miss a chance to get inside the car. In return, he received a video of the ride.

There was also a motorcycle with the same principle, but we're still waiting for the video to be sent. So far, we only have this footage:



ISE 2024 Day 3 was intense and memorable. An award, lots of booth-browsing, and awesome experiences made the day. ISE lasts 4 days which is a lot for a trade show.

Yet, it doesn't feel like all is said and done here. We're looking forward to Day 4 to end the show with a bang.

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