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ISE 2024 Day 2 Barcelona - from LG public art to salsa squirrel hologram

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 1, 2024
May 29, 2024

ISE 2024 Day 2 has come to an end. There is a lot to unpack. Opening the doors at 10 am and closing at 6 pm, it has been a long day. We've talked a lot about digital signage, explored the superb new technologies of the others, toured the enormous trade show grounds, and ate burgers. Here's our review of ISE 2024 Day 2.

What is Kitcast?

Kitcast is a professional quality digital signage software for Apple TV.

If you use screens to communicate with your target audience – Kitcast is exactly what you need. It’s intuitively easy and powerful enough to help you achieve your business goals: no matter how niche or large.

Our solution has:

- Easy integration

- Easy mass deployment

- Easy management

- Dev support that makes operations much easier

This is the product we presented at ISE 2024 Day 2.

Our booth is situated at the Congress Hall, the number is CS426.

How was the Day 2 of ISE 2024?

There are two ways we're experiencing the trade show.

The booth

As Congress Hall is, essentially, a vibrant link between the halls, we've had many visitors. Many of them were surprised to learn that you can have powerful digital signage software using the Apple TV.

For us, it's always a pleasure to be able to show the capabilities of Kitcast. We usually start from the dashboard, give a tour of the app's interface, and showcase the templates and the CMS.

As ISE 2024 is a general AV conference, there was a mix of people familiar with digital signage and then also those who have no idea how it exactly works with a streaming box such as Apple TV. That's why booth work was also a teaching moment.

The floor

Now this part is equally exciting. The main advantage of ISE 2024 is the enormous scale. You've got companies from various industries showcasing their best products and it's always great to keep yourself updated about the latest AV trends.

Let us share with you some of the highlights of Day 2 at ISE 2024.

Sony Crystal LED screens

ISE 2024 Day 2

You can't miss it. Sony's brand new Crystal LED is a crown jewel of the screen solutions at ISE 2024. The company brought a whole arsenal of displays to the show and their pavilion looked fantastic. We're talking about the 220-inch immersive CH-series that was being showcased.

Also, there was a debut of Crystal LED FLUX, a Europe-exclusive screen. As Sony put it in the press release, the display is a "movable Crystal LED stand that instantly transforms any office space to one that is brimming with creativity and collaboration. Its design delivers unparalleled flexibility, allowing easy movement and height adjustment, as well as a store for all the equipment and accessories required."

LG's Public Media Art

You could not miss it in any way. Every time we passed through we stopped and stared. LG is officially winning the most impressive ISE 2024 booth competition and does it in style. This year the company brought a mesmerizing Public Media Art installation.

It's an ultimate game-changer. The construction is gigantic and features kinetic panels that go in and out. That's exactly the future-proof concept that will work amazingly in a city setting. LG Public Media Art has 800 nit brightness, a Pixel Pitch of 1.95 mm and HDR compatibility.

Also, it's the true highlight of Day 2 of ISE 2024 and the whole show for us. LG booth is also a place you want to stop by. It's an immersive experience filled with the latest screens and technology of the South Korean company. If you're at ISE, be sure to get inside and get the full tour.

Epson umbrella

Although it's sunny and moderately warm in Barcelona, there's an umbrella in the middle of Hall 3 of ISE 2024. Japanese manufacturer Epson brought a gargantuan rain protection that is powered by projection.

There's a thought behind what's shown there too. According to the company's press release, "projection draws inspiration from many international festivals such as the Barcelona carnival; the Chinese New Year and lantern festival; the Japanese Tango No Sekku, Kodomo-no-hi (Children's Day) and Cherry Blossom festivals; the Portuguese AgitÁgueda Art festival (umbrella festival); the Busan fireworks festival and the Thai lantern festival known as Yi Peng & Loy Krathong."

Now it's quite a comprehensive way to impress visitors of the ISE 2024 and we're all in for it.

Salsa squirrel hologram

Alright, there are lots of great tech solutions and mind-blowing LED screens at ISE 2024. But it's the holographic squirrel with salsa moves that wins. Because, how couldn't it?

The digital animal is part of Booth 3S800 and is a brainchild of the Chinese company Chipshow LED Display. And it definitely knows how to put on a show.

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