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Interactive Digital Signage - 5 Best Examples of Touchscreen Technology

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 27, 2023
May 29, 2024

Interactive touch screen digital signage is rapidly becoming a fixture for businesses and organizations worldwide. Why wouldn’t it be? The technology is perfect for engaging with the target audience. Touchscreens make it more personalized and private for a person. Let’s explore the best interactive digital signage examples.

Why interactive touch screen digital signage is gaining popularity? 

From shopping malls to fast food restaurants, from banks to entertainment venues, the touchscreen is having its day under the sun. While you can certainly go without this technology and still be using the full power of signage technology, adding the interactive factor to your marketing is never a bad idea. 

The reason for that is quite simple. People are used to touchscreens. Yes, you may even be interacting with this article through one. As smartphones have become a vital part of everyone’s life, the touchscreen experience is something natural by now. 

This is why solutions with touchscreens work. They give the users a more customized, even intimate way to interact with the screen.

For example, if you’re using a digital map in the shopping mall, it’s exclusively your search quarry that the screen is responding to. When you’re ordering through the McDonald’s stand, the same personalization makes it such an attractive experience. 

In other words, every touchscreen application is about making it more comfortable and personalized for a customer. 

And while there are countless interactive digital signage examples, we’ve chosen the most interesting ones for this article that are both futuristic and original.

1. Interactive koi pond at a bank - Red Dot Digital Media


Why: to be honest, this one got us by surprise. This is a great interactive digital signage example that looks at things out of the ordinary. The setting is the 2Cal building at California Plaza in the Bunker Hill area of Downtown LA, the client - a banking institution. Red Dot Digital Media has supplied a touchscreen-powered koi pond in the client's recreational area. That’s an awesome idea because the pond is a relaxing piece of a lobby design on one hand and a great technological feature that can be a distinctive highlight of the bank on the other. It’s a highly creative way to improve the customer experience and we love this project. 

The installation is comprised of two 85-inch NEC displays with a fully customizable pond experience. You can add fish, rocks, logs, and plants. Also, the underwater inhabitants react to touch so it all becomes immersive and fun.

2. #BeMoreFanta


Why: this is a seemingly simple yet extremely effective brand awareness-focused campaign from Fanta in New Zealand. oOh!media used EXCITE interactive screen panels to enable direct interaction with the consumer. The people could touch the screen to turn on the selfie camera, have the picture taken, customize it using built-in editing soft, and then share it through social media. 

There are several important elements to note here. First of all, the touchscreen element combined with the camera makes the whole interaction feel very personal. Every person would get a unique outcome from such an engagement and that’s an awesome premise to build your marketing campaign upon. Then there’s also a social element perfect for brand awareness. In other words, it’s a win.

3. Delta’s “Parallel Reality” at Detroit Metropolitan Airport


Why: something straight from the future has been unveiled in Detroit this year. “Parallel Reality” is the name of this customer-oriented high-tech installation and the local Metropolitan Airport is where it can be found. It’s a Delta solution aimed at personalizing the boarding info for passengers using the trio of a boarding pass scanner, a touchscreen, and an enigmatic billboard. The latter shows information just for your flight as you scan the boarding pass, something that puts people in complete awe upon trying it for the first time. 

The whole technology behind its operation is nothing short of impressive. It’s truly next-gen digital signage, a novel way to organize personalized interaction. If you wonder how it works, here is an explanation from Catherine Morrow, senior communications coordinator at Delta Air Lines:

“While you're in the viewing area, an overhead motion sensor detects your presence and location using anonymous non-biometric object detection. As you move around the viewing area, the overhead sensor continually shifts your private zone to your new location, allowing you to see your personalized content as you move.”

Mind. Blown.

4. Basil Street Pizza vending machine


Why: here’s one fun example that proves the versatility of touchscreen digital signage. A vending machine that makes pizza. Basil Street surprised the US market in 2021 when these were first introduced. And it’s exactly what you expect it to be. A touchscreen-enabled robotic vending machine that prepares a freshly baked pizza on the spot. The screen enables customization of the order and facilitates the purchase. Also, this case shows how touchscreens can be the perfect accompaniment for vending machines of all kinds.

5. Miami interactive kiosks


Why: Miami’s IKE project is a nice example of a fusion of public and private. The city has installed more than 100 interactive touchscreen-enabled kiosks around various neighborhoods. The units can show directions, help find places, promote local businesses, and give all kinds of useful information. They serve in a similar way to the wayfinding shopping mall kiosks, albeit here it’s more about the connection to the local community. A great addition to the functionality is the presence of the emergency button on the side of the kiosk that immediately calls 911.  

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