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Improving Airport Terminals With Visual Tech

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 17, 2019
May 29, 2024

The airport is a microcosm of its own that requires a thorough organization. Airport displays can play a crucial part in this process. 

Airports exist in an interconnected world where technologies of all kinds are on the rise. In order to respond to the challenges of the future, airports should strive for smartness, they should provide travelers with a high-quality digital experience. Signage is a natural way to do just that. With endless application possibilities, the airport screens can be used to perform every type of visual action.

It’s always a journey for someone who uses the airport. Ideally, it shouldn’t be stressful, it should be very smooth and it should be used to the benefit of the airport. Here’s how to improve the terminals with visual tech in the right way.

Creating a hassle-free passenger experience

Airport display is a medium that transforms the utilitarian commuting structure into a full-fledged commercially-oriented transportation center of the future. It may sound pretentious but it makes sense once you know all the capabilities the screens have. The first and foremost, it’s all about the easy and pleasant passenger journey that starts at a check-in counter and ends going through the gate. 

One of the first things a passenger sees is an airport departure screen. It is vital to make it practical and clear. It will never hurt to make it visually appealing too. Combining these two features would win an airport visitor’s disposition from the very beginning. 

Then there are the check-in counters. Making sure that your airport information screens are showing the correct info is extremely important. Electronic screens would help there too ensuring dynamism and versatility. If anything changes, you are able to instantly react to that giving up-to-date information to the passengers and keeping them constantly updated. 

Guiding airport visitors digitally

Often the airport terminals are huge buildings where a thousand things are happening at once. While some are comfortable in such a chaotic environment, others may get lost. It is especially sensitive for the people who use the airports for the first time or are infrequent fliers. In order to make it easier for everybody, airport information display system should be introduced to ensure that wayfinding is as clear and easy as possible.

An airport information screen is multifunctional and can be applied to: 

  • provide directions via interactive maps
  • serve as the pointer for reaching the essentials like toilets, check-in counters, gates, etc. 
  • provide digital help in a form of touchscreens, kiosks, video walls, etc. placed in between different terminal buildings

Airport flight screens are ideal for real-time departure and arrival information. If the whole system works properly, the journey through the airport becomes a joyride for the passenger who knows where he should go.

Providing an entertaining experience

There is always a waiting time at the airport. Smart airports use technology to entertain and fill this waiting time with content. How is it possible to maximize on this? Again, an airport display is the answer.

If it’s advertising, digital signage is much more effective than the static boards. A bright, colorful screen is what the advertisers want. It grabs much more attention and gives many creative possibilities to realize any kind of marketing campaign. 

Airports can easily control all the content shown and can adapt the message depending on the audience, timing and place. Signage has all it takes to capture the attention of the airport visitors: it’s engaging, it’s beautiful and it’s entertaining. And it can be applied in many different ways. 

For example, the area near the gates is the place where people wait. It is a perfect environment for interactive digital signage. Using it right gives airports unlimited creative opportunities to capitalize on the location and the stream of people. There can be an interactive stand promoting a new Marvel movie, a kiosk showcasing the history of aviation, a video wall employing the AR technologies passengers can play with. Visual technology can transform this area into a hotspot of interaction. 

Keeping it social

Airport brand is important and social media can help to cement a positive image of it. Digital signage solutions of today have all the necessary capabilities to turn airport displays into social media mediums. And that in turn gives you a chance to communicate directly with the passengers, operate with a user-generated content and create digital bonds. 

Is there a hashtag you’re promoting? Reach more people by asking passengers to share their airport experiences using this hashtag. Broadcast the entries on the airport flight displays. Add a gaming factor by giving prizes for the most creative pics. Be in a constant communication with the passengers collecting feedback through touchscreens. Show that you care about their time there. 

Using airport information display systems for security

Security is at the core of the functioning of the airports, so ensure that the whole system is more efficient with digital signage. Screens are perfect for emergency messaging, they give you power to broadcast the messages instantly. The visual component helps too, the displays are easy to read and understand. They can combine text and images and are seen from any place at the airport. 

Screens are very quick too which is vital in case something goes wrong or you have to act in a matter of seconds. Also, as the signage is centralized, you can control every single display from one place which is very effective for emergencies. 

Digital signage is the answer for a better airport experience

Both the passengers and the airport are winning when an effective digital signage system is in place. It gives versatility and opens myriads of possibilities to digitally transform the airport space. Those airports who use the visual tech to the full-force are destined for a prosperous future. 

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