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How to Improve Your Bowling Club Marketing With Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 24, 2019
May 29, 2024

Bowling culture has seen a drastic change in recent years. After a peak in the 1980s, it is yet to graps the same level of popularity. But, bowling proprietors try to evolve. From alleys to centers, which are multimedia type place, bowling venues now have been upgraded with stylish furniture, video rooms, strobe lights and music for all tastes. Obviously, bowling clubs now have to compete with other leisure venues and focus on millennials even more, as they slip through their fingers. That’s why the digital signage screens with awesome content shown on them play an important part in creating the right atmosphere of the place, amusement for the visitors. Here are our tips on how to improve your bowling club marketing with digital signage.

Know your audience

Digital signage follows the principles of any marketing tool: the audience is at its core. That's why you should know your audience very well. That's crucial for the success of your digital signage. When you have a full picture of the interests, needs, problems, and requests of your visitors you can easily choose the content that will be interesting for them. Do your “homework” – research the demographics of your customers, find out their preferences and give them the best content.

Show top-notch content

Screens themselves don't do the magic, the content does. It should be really good in order to capture the attention of the customers and it should be in line with what they would like to see when they come to the bowling club. If it's a promotional message make it fun and entertaining, if you're running an enhancement between games do it creatively. Make sure that you produce the content of the highest quality and always keep in mind the necessity of engagement with your audience.

Analyze what works and what doesn't

One thing is to show good content, another is to keep your audience engaged and entertained in a long-term perspective. To do that you have to always analyze what works best for your bowling club. Experiment with different content types, note what works with your audience more effectively, observe the reactions to what you show using the digital signage software. After that do the analysis and multiply on the things that win your customers' attention. This will help you in a long-term perspective to ensure that the digital signage you're creating for your bowling club is eye-popping and income-driving.

Choose the digital signage software that rocks

Imagine your bowling club is fully booked, your guests are having fun and suddenly the screens stop running content. It's a disaster, right? Would it increase loyalty from your customers? Probably not. Who is to blame? Definitely, a digital signage software you’re using! We cannot overemphasize the importance of choosing the digital signage solution that is powerful enough and can handle all your needs seamlessly and hassle-free. Basically, you need software that can do all the complicated technical stuff for you.

Save time creating content with a simple digital signage solution

Content creation is a tiring and time-consuming process. Or is it really? The answer lies in the capabilities of the digital signage solution you're using for your bowling club. For example, Kitcast allows you to create stunning content using easy intuitive templates in a matter of seconds. Choose the category, use the customizable template and voila, you have an awesome piece of content your audience will like.

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