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I want to use digital signage in my hotel lobby. Where should I start?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 28, 2019
May 29, 2024

The hotel lobby is the place where all the travel magic starts. This is where your customers wait for the check-in, where they read magazines, work on their laptops and simply have friendly conversations with other travelers.

While it’s smart to keep enough hotel representatives working at the reception, you should also consider using digital signage to make your hotel lobby more appealing and useful for the guests.

Hotel lobby digital signage is not that hard to install, maintain and simply utilize to your needs. We want you to spare a few minutes with our ultimate guide and modernize your hotel with hotel lobby digital signage. Your guests will be super-excited, they’ll find the signage assistance convenient, and you’ll be able to deliver any type of content to showcase in your lobby at any given minute of the day.

Define what you need hotel lobby digital signage for

Your starting point should be right here. That’s when you ask yourself a fair question on why you actually need the digital signage hotel lobby.

Identify the goals you’ll pursuit while working with the digital lobby signage software. This tool can benefit your hotel in a lot of ways, and you should define what friction points of the guest’s experience you want to affect with your signage displays. There are plenty of situations that you may seek to find a solution for:

  1. You want to solve the wayfinding problem.
  2. You may need a help center with an interactive touchscreen feature.
  3. You may simply run ads and make additional money off it to support your business.
  4. You can welcome your guests upon arrival.
  5. You should try to automate your reception by leveraging the interactive elements of signage systems.
  6. etc.

Research your target audience

Depending on your goals, you’ll have to target different types of people. The most significant feature of signage systems is the ability to target multiple audiences by simply running different types of content depending on the time and location of your displays.

Determine how many digital signage displays you may need and find perfect spots

Do a quick overview of your lobby and take a look at it from the visitor’s perspective. Try to think like your guest and determine where you’d like to access the signage screens for different purposes.

Determine how many digital signage displays you may need and find perfect spots - Kitcast Blog

Usually, companies that provide you with the digital signage software and hardware may become your advisor and help to pick the spots. They’re more experienced in that, and it may really be less of a hassle for you.

In case you decide to do everything on your own and save yourself some money, you’ll need to conduct more in-depth research. Finding those perfect spots where you should locate your hotel lobby digital signage requires a lot of input data, like:

  • What is the average view time from different spots in your lobby?
  • What kind of help your guests may need by the reception or near the bar?
  • etc.

Choose the best digital lobby signage software

The software should be budget-friendly and scalable enough to power your digital lobby signage. Here are the things you should review before subscribing:

  1. What price plans do they offer?
  2. Do they have a set of features you need for effective customer communication?
  3. How many screens do their plans support?
  4. Do they have a convenient dashboard for your content management?
  5. etc.

You should be able to make desired changes on the go and rotate content in a few clicks. This is the key to successful digital signage hotel lobby management.

Prepare different types of content

Digital signage for lobby provides you with the dynamic feed of content. Basically, this is the key benefit of this whole signage system — show videos, photos, presentations and even integrate the social media posts into your screen network.

To make sure your content is not boring and irrelevant, you should work on its diversity.

Prepare different types of content - Kitcast Blog

Rotate your hotel lobby digital signage content

Rotating content could be problematic if you did not prepare enough materials to support it. Make sure you understand the importance of the content rotation and ensure the constant flow of content coming to your dynamic feed.

Run a few A/B tests for better conversion rate

Hotel lobby digital signage is your best bet in boosting your marketing efforts and bringing real value to your customers at the same time. Even though you should always to improve your guest’s experience, you cannot forget about the marketing metrics and conversions that are crucial for your business.

To make sure that your ads or upsell attempts actually work, you’ll have to run an A/B tests and see what content works the most. Experimenting and trying different approaches is the perfect way toward finding the best solutions.


Digital signage hotel lobby brings the guest’s experience management right to your fingertips. As an owner of this modern signage system, you’ll be able to control the content flow and deliver any message you may need right to your lobby.

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