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How to Use Digital Signage Software in Retail Store?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 24, 2017
May 29, 2024

Despite a lightning-like development of delivery services, people will unlikely do without retail stores in the nearest future. Moreover, retailers are not interested in yielding positions and surrender to the onset of innovations. They choose the way of adaptation and co-existence. Thus, many retail shops make attempts to use state-of-the-art technologies for own benefit. The examples include a conveyor belt, video surveillance, usage of barcodes etc. It's most likely that the trend will continue and technologies will be successfully implemented furtherly.

The subject of this article also belongs to recent innovations. You might have noticed the digital screen in some stores. Someone has not even supposed that it was not a simple advertising but a complex system. So, let’s talk about digital signage in retail stores.

Key Benefits of Use Retail Digital Signage Software for Stores

First, a couple of words about technology. The key elements are a media player and a set of displays. Hardware is nothing without software. So, the entire system operates according to certain programming support. Such template remains the same regardless of area of application. Digital signage for retail stores has nothing different from the technology implemented in any service establishment. However, the most expected question is “Why this innovation is needed?”

The described template of the technology does not reflect a core idea. Displays and a player can be called executives, which perform the major function namely show content. Indeed, it is all about the pictures, text, videos or other information displayed on the screen. Content defines a scope of application and goals for the installation of digital displays for retail or other activity. So, this component plays a decisive role in disclosure of the benefits of digital signage in retail.

1. Brand Formation

A store implementing the latest technological achievements deserves attention and respect of its customers. Besides, a resulting opinion is an investment in the creation and perception of a brand. For several years, your regular customer might have even been unaware of a store’s name. Nevertheless, a small attractive feature represented by digital retail signage would increase the rating of the store and its popularity.

2. Attracting Customers

People perceive around 90 percent of the information in visual form. In simple words, we can be attracted by what we see. It is especially topical in times when people prefer listening to music via earphones when walking. An interesting content shown on display located outside can attract up to 80% of new customers.    

3. Reduction of Paper Use

Can you imagine the volumes of paper used for publicity or promotional purposes? And, frankly speaking, all these flyers, posters and other paper items get in a recycle bin at the end. Implementation of proper retail signage software changes everything drastically. Your outlet will forget about paper costs and related issues. Besides, the effect of using displays instead of paper content is far substantial.

4. Increase in Sales

This benefit should be on top. However, all the mentioned benefits invest in the increase of sales volume anyway. Sometimes, a customer needs to be persuaded or stimulated to make a purchase. Retail signage solutions will cope with this task with flying colors.

Are you interested? I bet you are. Now, it is time for more practical explanations.

How Can You Use Digital Signage in Retail Store?

For example, you have a player plus several displays. You have even installed a customized retail digital signage software. Nevertheless, you have no idea how to make your brilliant sparkling. The following recommendations will help you choose the best application of your system to achieve maximum performance.

Video Commercials

A proper commercial must not scare off customers but persuade them to opt for a certain product. Besides, it is much more effective to show a video commercial in a store rather than on a TV or the websites. A customer sees a commercial, gets interested and goes for a purchase. All in one place. Naturally, the quality of your content should be high enough to achieve an expected result.

Graphic Advertising

This type of content is well known to retailers since they use it for paper advertisement. However, due to retail digital signage solutions, this type of advertising can be improved. For example, a static picture can be replaced with an animated image. People tend to pay attention to movable items. It is more like an instinct to take notice of anything that is not moving. Add bright colors and nobody will able to pass by without shooting a look at a display.

News Tickers

Hundreds of events occur every minute in different destinations of the globe. Being in the picture is an essential attribute of modern life. For this reason, any social network provides its users with a newsfeed. Actually, adding a news ticker to the content shown on the displays can catch the attention of the most unyielding customers that segregate themselves from any type of advertising.

Public Announcements

Since electronic retail signs are designed to provide information to the audience, retail shops should take advantage of this essential function. Regardless of a case (fire alarm, evacuation announcement, sell-out, individual inquiry etc.), there is no doubt that a message displayed on multiple screens will get to the intended recipient.

Background Music

Music is the ecumene of our souls. This statement originates from ancient wise men and remains relevant to this day. You need only to stop and hold a moment. Music is everywhere in our life. Birds sing their songs, radio waves transmit millions of tracks, and other sources of music surround our daily routine. Retail digital signage can join this cohort of music-radiating devices and give tranquility and comfort to the minds of customers. Naturally, unless a playlist is composed of such prominent artists as Metallica or System of a Down. Choose something more relaxing for background music in a store.

Schedules and Events

Another way to use digitalized signs for information sharing is to display an upcoming event or a schedule of events. For example, your store is going to celebrate its anniversary or another significant event. The best way to share the news of this festal occasion is to distribute it on all displays located both inside and outside a store. A retail outlet needs customers that should be informed about the interesting events.

Restaurant Menus

Dining establishments, cafes, and restaurants will definitely benefit from this application of this technological solution. Some customers hesitate about visiting a certain establishment for various reasons – pricing, cuisine, and others. However, an outside display showing a restaurant menu will release customers from any hesitations. Besides, retail stores can collaborate with adjacent or neighboring cafes and restaurant by demonstrating their menus. The formula is simple – stores get additional profit from restaurants and the restaurant gets more visitors. Mutual benefit triggered by digital signage retail.

What’s The Best Location For Digital Signage?

Location of a digitalized sign should be defined in accordance with your goals and content. E.g., the advertising of a certain product that can be found in a store is better to show inside. At the same time, a content aimed at attracting new visitors will be useless unless demonstrated on an outside display. An exit/entrance location is the same thing.

When advertising a certain product, it is better to place a display nearby to demonstrate all its benefits. The resulting effect is doubled – a product is advertised and visitors are informed by digital technology.

A place where people have to wait is a perfect location for your digital sign. For example, a waiting area, lobby, area at elevators and other similar spots will suit your ideas to install a display.

If the best location depends on the content and goal, the worst location is understandable. Displays hanging above the customers’ heads is the worst idea. Nobody likes crane a neck even to look at an attractive content.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that a balance between content and location of displays is a powerful tool to increase various indicators such as sales and customers.

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