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How to: Scale Your Business with Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 10, 2019
May 29, 2024

The digital signage industry is conquering the advertising market, and experts estimate the growth by 10+ billion by the year 2023. This enormous popularity of business display boards makes sense. This technology can be used in any business and disrupt any niche you use it in.

Talking business doesn’t make any sense if you don’t consider growing it. And, of course, growing and scaling your business means more significant revenue and better profit. That’s the reason why anyone starts a business after all — profit is essential.

To scale your business, you’ll need to use the most advanced technologies and work closely with your customers to make them loyal and put your brand on a spotlight to hit the ‘hip radars.’

We’ve prepared a practical guide on business scaling and how digital signage solutions for business can assist you. To bring more value to our audience, we’ve decided to review two cases: retail and restaurant business.

Retail business solutions

Let’s see how you can improve your average customer’s experience and make bigger steps towards healthy business growth. Here is what display screens can do for your retail business.

Draw in window shoppers and boost foot traffic

Draw in window shoppers and boost foot traffic - Kitcast Blog

Business cannot grow or be successful with a small number of daily customers. Even if you’ve chosen the best spot in the mall or leased the best commercial space in town, you’ve got to put a bit more work into it to attract customers.

Try using the outdoor digital signs for business by your store to promote the new arrivals and best-selling products. Offer tasty discounts to those passing by to seduce them and make them step inside the store. That’s the first step to your sale.

Share product information and upsell

When your customer is inside the store, you’ve got to bring him actual value and prove that he made the right decision choosing your store. That’s where digital business sign displays will come handy. Signage software allows you to showcase the most important product data by the product shelves and impact the customer’s decision directly. This means more sales and getting more sales means growing.

Bring your online efforts in-store

Social proof is something you can really benefit from. Just set up your indoor digital signs for business to showcase the social media posts and feedback related to your brand. The impact on your customers will be tremendous. Social media proof works like a giant stamp of approval.

Grow brand-awareness with digital signage promo campaigns

Grow brand-awareness with digital signage promo campaigns - Kitcast Blog

You can also benefit from digital signage screens that are not located near your store or even inside the building. You can advertise your brand on signage screens in crowded spaces and malls with significant customers traffic. Run viral promotional campaigns and get more attention.

Restaurant business solutions

Let’s say you’re running a successful small restaurant, food court, or fast food cafeteria. Digital signage can have a significant impact on your business, as well.

Pay less, get more

First of all, digital signage will help you save the budget on a long run and, therefore, you’ll be able to invest this money to your business marketing and growth.

Digital signage menu boards will eliminate the hassle of wasting your money on paper menu printing and promotional materials production.

Draw more attention from the passers-by

Draw more attention from the passers-by - Kitcast Blog

Install several signage displays by the restaurant entrance to draw more attention to your place and seduce those who just walk by. You can either display the full menu or even market tasty videos of your specials. This will eventually help you drive more visitors and, therefore, more sales.

Serve more customers with digital signage menu and order terminals

When we talk about scaling a restaurant business, we have to take care of the number of customers that we can serve per hour. To make this work like a swiss clock, you can try the digital signs for business that will allow your clients to make orders using the touch screen.

Actually, many fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King currently successfully use this technology. This may help you serve way more people and make your business grow faster.

Open a drive-through section of your restaurant with signage board menu

Speaking of fast food chains and hip cafeterias. Have you considered the drive-through window? This may not fit a fancy restaurant, but a small diner can double the number of visitors with the drive-through feature. Outdoor digital signs solutions for restaurant business will power your digital menu boards and help you serve hundreds or thousands of people daily.

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