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How to Increase Your Office Productivity With Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 14, 2019
May 29, 2024

While most of you may think that digital signage only works best for marketing purposes, it’s also an excellent fit for your corporate communications.

Your employees deserve the best and motivating them is a tough task that you may tackle with the office digital signage. Let us show you how you may utilize signage in your office to boost productivity today.

1. Welcome employees at the lobby

When your team members enter the office, they’ll consider lobby to be the first point of interaction with the digital signage office. This is the place where you can make them smile and motivate them to start their work in a good mood.

You really shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this greeting. This small thing will make your employees a warm feeling of being where they’re loved, and they’ll work with a passion.

2. Make conference rooms bookings hassle-free

Many things may affect team productivity. However, not being able to gather and discuss work issues is the worst. Booking the conference rooms is one of the biggest problems, especially in small startups when they only have one or two in their small office.

Make conference rooms bookings hassle-free - Kitcast Blog

Install the corporate digital signage screens with the touch screen feature to make the bookings available for everyone in the office. Having a place to discuss the tasks is the key thing to encourage productivity flow without unnecessary pauses.

3. Share progress and results

Productivity is directly related to motivation. When your team shares the core values of the company and strive to get good results, there is a need to inform them about the progress that the company has.

Don’t forget to utilize your digital signage for corporate communications properly and use screens to notify your team members about the results they help your company to achieve.

4. Recognize people for being good at what they do

When we talk about results, we’ve got to keep in mind that the company’s results is not the only thing that people care about. People want to be recognized for what they do; this may give them a feeling of confidence and bring the desired motivation. This is the best way to boost productivity by targeting a specific person that needs this.

5. Establish a way to leave feedback

Touch screens are not only good for room bookings, but you can also use it to give people a platform for interaction with the managers.

Establish a way to leave feedback - Kitcast Blog

There is nothing more inspiring than having a chance to leave feedback and get an issue resolve or just being contacted by the company CEO or CTO. Office digital signage may be an excellent platform for people to stand up and speak out.

Only when your employees will have a chance to discuss the things that bother them, they’ll be able to focus on the work entirely and, therefore, boost their productivity.

6. Tell your team why what they do is important

Sometimes people tend to feel ‘burnt out,’ and this is a global trend in Silicon Valley and IT in general. The thing that they need to feel is a sense of doing a remarkable job.

Corporate digital signage is not just good for corporate communications; it’s great for delivering any kind of content to your target audience. So consider your employees a target audience that needs to see why what they do is essential. Prepare videos, statistics, presentations and show them how cool they are. This may spark their productivity again.

7. Use wayfinding to navigate newbies

Productivity means using your time more efficiently. There is nothing more time-consuming for new employees than trying to figure out where they can eat, where they can find a wardrobe and how they can find a conference room.

Use wayfinding to navigate newbies - Kitcast Blog

Corporate digital signage allows you to guide them step-by-step. This will save time and will enable them to focus on their work.

8. Provide updates regarding the shifts schedule

Office digital signage will be an excellent fit for your business if you have multiple shifts in the office.

Corporate digital signage software can not just showcase the shifts; it can provide your team members with a tool to manage their shifts and request changes right through the digital signage office screen.


Digital signage may really freshen up your corporate communications. If you utilize this tool correctly, you’ll be able to convert your office into an efficiently operating mechanism with all the gears grinding like it’s a swiss clock.

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