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How Digital Signage Solutions Accelerate Business Transformation? (during Covid-19 Time)

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 11, 2021
May 29, 2024

In these uncertain times, we’re here to show you how to grow your business with digital signage. Why this technology? Because it has all the power necessary to take your company to the next level.

2020 has been a strange year for businesses worldwide, one of the scariest. 2021 brings the vaccination promise but still remains largely unpredictable. Whether you’re running a boutique sleepwear brick-and-mortar store or multimillion retail business, the uncertainty affects you the same. The money is lost with every day of a lockdown, the renting price becomes unbearable and there’s no end in sight.

While governments are trying to help with assistance packages and different tax programs, businesses are mostly on their own with the ongoing crisis. And it is absolutely vital to adapt to the new normal in order to survive it and try to come out stronger. That’s when technology comes to play. On one hand, it gives businesses the flexibility to endure the draconian measures imposed by the coronavirus restrictions. On the other, it stays afterward so implementing new solutions is always good for the future. 

By technology we mean of course digital signage displays for business, an ultimate option during these hard times. While we’re not saying that implementing screens will save everything and defeat COVID-19 right away. What we’re saying is that digital signage business opportunity is a tool that can give businesses more power in fighting the negative economic effects of the novel coronavirus outbreak and the power to grow and make sales.

How to grow your business with digital signage, an example

Let’s say you’re a brick-and-mortar store selling clothes. In an uncertain lockdown environment, you can’t rely on in-store shopping. You will probably go online (and wisely so) and operate with delivery or outdoor takeout options. However, your store has a physical presence and it’s time to capitalize on it. 

Installing a screen that faces the street is one of the most effective small business digital signage solutions. It allows you to directly talk to potential customers through content. You can promote your products, run different advertising campaigns, interact with the audience, and promote your social media channels. Everything with the help of one (or more) screens. The content will be shown when the people are looking and you can experiment with different approaches.

And it’s not all, here’s how digital signage can improve business once in-store shopping is available again. The screens you’ve already installed can be repurposed for the indoors and you can materialize your content marketing goals in a new direction. No penny wasted, just pure content magic. 

But why digital signage and why now

The screens are more effective than static signage. Period. It’s a game-changer when it comes to content marketing. You can design and show whatever you want and whatever fits your business goals. Be it an image, an animation, a news article or a video, you can be sure that the displays will gather all the eyeballs and the engagement rates will soar. 

That’s because the visual medium has become a norm in our societies and people would rather look at something digital and entertaining than a dull static message. You want the heads to be instantly turned to what you’re showing. This feature of digital signage will painstakingly bring more sales and help grow your business. 

Also, let’s not forget about the printing costs. Digital signage saves you money. You no longer need to worry about printing, it’s all digital and free. Everything comes down to the content design and it all can be done inside the digital signage app. 

What is the best digital signage solution for business?

Digital signage is a big multi-billion market with many players that offer various options. Every business is different and its demands are different. The choice of the right digital signage solution will depend on the size of your business, the expected content goals, the number of screens and the ways you plan to utilize them. 

Generally, there are two types of digital signage right now on the market: 

1) hardware digital signage 

What is it: it’s the screen technology that requires hardware to run the whole system. For example, in order to start with showing content using hardware digital signage, you would have to go through a long process of installation and signing contracts with the companies that offer this solution. 

In some way, it can be considered as an old-school way of doing things as it relies heavily on additional hardware that is often too complicated to implement and its modus operandi is not that intuitive. You would have to have a separate IT team to manage such digital signage. 

Who it’s for: big businesses that require sophisticated solutions. 

We don’t recommend it to small businesses. 

2) software digital signage 

What is it: a technology that allows you to start with digital signage using only software and a mass market gadget. 

Kitcast, our solution, is a representative of new school cloud software digital signage solutions. Our installation process is super easy and intuitive. You will only need 3 things: a screen, an Apple TV (or Android TV) and our app installed. That’s it, really. You just go through a quick installation process and the rest is simple. You just start creating and showing content you like on whatever number of screens you want. 

Because of its versatility and power, Kitcast digital signage solution can be used both by small businesses and big ones. It doesn’t matter how many displays you have, you can be sure that Kitcast does its job perfectly and you’re showing the best content. 

What is a digital signage advertising business model? 

It’s pretty simple. This business model allows you to run advertisements through a system of screens you have installed. It’s straightforward and very effective. You just need to have a good content plan and start experimenting with the advertising campaigns. 

For example, you operate a hotel that has screens in the lobby, in the outside areas as well as on the floors. In order to utilize all the capabilities of digital signage, you can design ads for each location according to the needs of the audience. For example, in the lobby, you can promote the special restaurant offers and meals. In the outside area, the focus could be on the tours your hotel offers and car rental options. The floor screens can run beautiful videos about the other hotels of your chain that will inspire the travelers to book another stay. 

As you can see, the digital signage advertising model is a perfect way to engage with your customers and make the most of the visual power of the displays. Also, screens can fulfill multiple purposes at once. You can broadcast the latest news then switch to an ad then run a social distancing campaign and finish with a motivational quote to win the trust of your customers. 

And with digital signage software like Kitcast, running all this content is extremely easy. You just have to set the time and a screen, our program will do everything so you don’t have to worry that something goes wrong.

Perfect communication tool for COVID-19 time 

Today effective communication is a crucial part of doing business. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the public health announcements have become an indispensable feature of any space, be it a public environment or a shopping mall. That’s why the quick distribution of information is vital in order to keep your company afloat. That’s where signage technology is great. 

With screens you can instantly talk to your audience running the announcements, asking people to wear masks, show informational videos, instruct people on social distancing measures, provide clear wayfinding, organize queues. 

Another perfect communicational application of digital signage lies in its ability to integrate with social media channels. If you are on social, using screens will facilitate the promotion of your profiles and ensure a direct communicational bridge between you and your audience. 


How can I start with digital signage right now?

It is very simple. You need a screen (s), an Apple TV and our app. Then there will be a simple installation process and the digital signage is ready to serve your business.

How practically digital signage drives sales?

It’s all in the power to engage with your customers. If you run great content (for example promotions and ads), you will quickly see a rise in sales. Digital signage is a great marketing tool that is used all over the world in all industries.

How to grow your business with digital signage after the pandemic?

Once the restrictions end and the coronavirus becomes a thing of the past, the digital signage technology will continue to help businesses with their marketing by offering them a powerful visual solution.

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