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How To: Find Balance Between DOOH and Online Marketing P.2

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 9, 2019
May 29, 2024

We continue our DOOH and online marketing research to improve your company strategy. In our previous post, we’ve learned what DOOH is and why it can be beneficial for you to utilize both of them. Now it’s time to get practical and consider different options of getting the desired balance.

Both DOOH and online marketing require a good content strategy to start with. Yeah, it’s always about content and delivering value to your potential customer no matter the platform you’re advertising on.

Create shareable and attention-grabbing content

With that being said, you’ve got to make sure your content marketing team is making the needed efforts to crush it with the content people would want to share.

Your goal is to create something catchy and smart to make people think: ‘Wow, that’s so good, I’ve got to show it to my friends.’ This is going to be the line between DOOH and social media that you’ll be able to erase.

The idea is basic yet effective: creating attention-grabbing content for your DOOH and Apple TV digital signage will result in people rushing to Twitter and Instagram to share your successful out-of-home advertising campaign.

As weird as it sounds, your offline marketing can bring more clients to your social media profiles making your online presence way more significant than ever before.

Direct your customers to different social media platforms

We all know that some social media platforms are more prevalent among older people or is used more often in a specific location.

As a great example, the Snapchat app is less popular in Eastern Europe or Asia; their core audience is from the US, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, etc. Also, Instagram is preferred by youngsters and Facebook is less popular among millennials, cause they tend to use messengers to get in touch.

Direct your customers to different social media platforms - Kitcast Blog

You can locate your Apple TV digital signage displays and use different social media campaigns on each one depending on the location. For example, you can use university digital signage software to communicate with your Snapchat and Instagram audience.

Also, when we talk about creating a precise balance between Apple TV digital signage, DOOH and online presence, we should mention that offline advertising hits a broader audience. DOOH is your gateway to a broad audience that you can work with later during your online marketing campaigns.

Send your offline leads to a landing page with special offers

Segmenting your audience can be a really great idea when you know precisely what each target audience prefers. For example, digital streams allow you to analyze and target your online users with more specific offers.

On the other hand, you can advertise separate discounts and coupons to the audience from your DOOH.

Digital signage software allows you to provide your viewers with a QR code to get them to the target page where you can grab their attention with unique offerings and products.

Make your DOOH screen a medium for your online users

How about experimenting? Do you remember that astonishing ad campaign from Coca Cola allowing their customers to send a text with the hashtag and get it on the screen?

Make your DOOH screen a medium for your online users - Kitcast Blog

This is a remarkable case of combining those two worlds: signage displays and online audience. Try running something similar, and you’ll get:

  • Entertaining activity for your online users
  • Social media boost
  • Attention from media

Digital signage Apple TV Software will help you manage the user-generated content, and you’ll be able to automate this process.

No matter the progress in the tech world, your out-of-door advertising is still as relevant as your online presence. Innovations like digital signage Apple TV software can easily erase the borders between these two mediums. Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to work with all the target audiences your brand is suited for.

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