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How To: Find Balance Between DOOH and Online Marketing P.1

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 2, 2019
May 29, 2024

When advertising agencies discovered how online marketing can benefit almost any business these days they started to shift their budgets towards it. Of course, it affected the out of home advertising a lot, but time goes by, and this niche made a massive spike towards being super-useful again.

That’s all because of the Digital Out of Home advertising — a fresh gulp of air for businesses that desired to become more flexible with their outdoor marketing. However, the question arises in your mind: what’s the deal with DOOH? Do I need it if I already market my brand on all the major social media platform? Can the digital signage Apple TV software be effective for my marketing campaigns?

Long story short: Yes. But you’ve got to know how to find a perfect balance between these two, and luckily, we understand how you can do that.

Our ultimate guide to DOOH and Online Marketing will come in two parts to make sure we cover all the questions you may have and all the tips you may apply in real life. Let’s start with the basics and move forward step-by-step together.

What are the OOH and DOOH?

The Out of Home media is everywhere, and it’s quite old. Since the times when you could find the first billboards in NYC, this way of running promotional campaigns has been #1 in the ‘Marketing 101’ books. It’s something you could benefit no matter the type of products or services you provide. However, when the world got into digital, we’ve witnessed a spectacular reborn. Now it’s called the Digital Out of Home media, and it got really smart.

Now advertising agencies run lots of ads during the day and night; they can use lots of content types like videos, pictures, charts and other forms of brand presentation. Digital signage software and DOOH can be spotted literally everywhere:

  • shopping malls
  • cinemas
  • restaurants
  • airports, train stations
  • roadways
  • hospitals
  • etc.

What is online marketing?

On the other hand, we’ve got online marketing. That’s the way of delivering your ads to your target media through the social media platforms with the sponsored posts and other promotional formats.

The reality is that in 2019 everything happens online, so your audience and you have to stay on the same page when it comes to the social media presence.

There are several problems that you can run into if you decide to use DOOH or Apple TV digital signage only and skip the online marketing campaigns.

Viewability measuring problem

One of the most significant issues is all about viewability statistics. It’s possible, but it might be either not 100% precise, or you can waste too much time gathering this information.

When you work with your online marketing channels, most of the times you have your dashboard with the daily statistics and you can evaluate your marketing results. This brings your marketing data to your fingertips.

Viewability measuring problem - Kitcast Blog

Now you may think that the choice is obvious, right? Well, you’re wrong.

The perfect marketing plan will include both DOOH and online marketing.

Why do I need both?

First of all, not every person on Earth is using social media and other ways of digital communication. Of course, internet presence should still be your #1 priority, but without DOOH you’re missing the whole picture.

Let’s say you’ve marked your online presence and found your target audience online. What can you do with DOOH?

Depending on the DOOH location you can boost your brand awareness:

  • Viral DOOH campaigns will help you get attention from media.
  • DOOH helps you convince your potential customer to get your product after all.
  • Social media integration can raise your authority.
  • etc.

Start with social media integration

Let’s start with the social platforms and how you can combine your presence there with the DOOH advertising.

Studies show that combining these two approaches may boost your brand metrics by 23%. But what is the best way of content integration? For example, Apple TV digital signage provides you with the tools that can tie up to your social media profiles in a few clicks.

It’s simple. You can run the DOOH ads and engage your viewer to use his smartphone and hit your brand’s profile up to get a tasty discount in your store.

Start with social media integration - Kitcast Blog

Also, one of the ways of social media integration is giving your viewer a chance to get his photo on the screen using your branded hashtag, etc.

You can communicate with your potential customer through Apple TV digital signage and your social media campaigns will hit him thanks to retargeting options available in the most popular online ad dashboards.

Use online marketing to track the success of your OOH

You can track your marketing efforts results using location-based mobile research. You can also leverage the foot traffic studies and compare your social analytics data of the successful cross-platform marketing campaigns. This way you’ll be able to follow through the digital signage software performance using the social media analytics insights.

Our next part of this guide will include a detailed digital signage software approach that will improve your brand marketing and double the efforts you make.

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