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How to Create Effective Content for Digital Signage from Scratch

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 11, 2019
May 29, 2024

We tend to talk about the digital signage content a lot, but there is, even more, to talk about when it comes to creating it. There are several crucial guidelines that you need to follow to create engaging and compelling content for digital signage.

Today we want you to get a genuine understanding of the digital signage content creation fundamentals. Follow these rules while creating content from scratch like these are your holy commandments, and you’ll definitely be alright.

1. Keep it simple

First things first and they matter the most. Creating engaging content is tough, yet your viewers shouldn’t feel the complexity of the content. No matter how complex is the message behind your digital signage video or image, you should make it look at sound as easy as possible.

2. Have your content proofread and edited

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re planning to use digital signage image or video content, you’ll still have text content there.

Creating content from scratch means taking care of all the little things to make the whole picture look great; when it comes to texts – it’s crucial to have them spot on.

Sometimes texts are even more important than the overall design, but before you decide to hire a copywriter and fire your designer, let us tell you a bit more about digital signage content creation.

3. Use design and motion to support your message

Creating content for digital signage still requires being creative and support your texts with something sparkling cool. This is where you start to work on the design of the message that you’re trying to convey.

Digital signage content should grab the reader fast, cause some displays may be located in the places where the average viewing time will be super low. You won’t have too much time to get to the point. This means that having too many effects may affect the simplicity and readability of the message.

Make sure your design utilizes all the basic minimalist guidelines and have them tested out before you actually deliver them to the target audience. Run some tests and check the feedback.

4. Don’t forget the Call To Action

Digital signage videos may sometimes be super epic, yet while you work on them, you may forget about the call to action. There is no sense in your message if your customer doesn’t immediately understand what you want him to do and why he should do that.

Call to actions will for digital signage image content, video content, presentations, anything. After all, you have all these displays to have more chances to impress your customer and tell him: “You need this and let me show you why!”

5. Work with font style, size, and color

The design is not just about fancy shadows or glimpses; it takes a lot of work to make your content genuinely eye-catching.

So far, you’ve worked on the texts, prepared them and worked with your designer to finalize the design ideas. Now it’s time to make sure your message is clear, the font size is, and the colors are not eye-popping.

6. Have enough content to rotate it

So now you know the fundamentals of how to create content for digital signage, but it’s still not the end of your journey. Make sure you make enough content to rotate it when you need it.

The thing that everyone keeps forgetting is that getting yourself the digital signage displays gives you creative freedom to produce digital signage video content, image content, presentations, connect social media or touch screen solutions. In exchange, you’ve got to work the content creation process out and make sure you have enough content to show it to your viewers.

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