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5 Ways To Boost Customer Satisfaction With Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 15, 2023
May 29, 2024

Happy customer, successful business. In 2023 this golden rule is as true as ever. While the concept is quite a vague one, there is a tool that will help you boost customer satisfaction. You’re on Kitcast Blog, of course, we’re talking about digital signage. Let us show you how screens can make happy customers and help exceed customer expectations.

What is customer satisfaction?

Forbes has done a great job defining the concept: 

“Customer satisfaction is the happiness of customers with a company’s products, services, and capabilities. It’s a prime indicator of repurchase intentions and customer loyalty.”

Another, more specific, definition comes from Harvard Business Review

“Customer experience is the internal and subjective response customers have to any direct or indirect contact with a company.”

You need a satisfied customer to grow and prosper. Happiness with your product or service is directly connected to the future of your company. 

Customer satisfaction is the result of customer experience. If a person finds it positive, he’s likely to return, make more purchases, participate in loyalty programs, and spread the word about your business. If not, you’re in trouble.

What is a model of customer satisfaction?

Take a look at this graph provided by the American Customer Satisfaction Index: 

boost customer satisfaction

It’s a great visualization of customer satisfaction where you can see all the important parts of the process. 

A customer comes to the business with certain expectations and value perceptions. But it doesn’t end there. The service you provide, the way you communicate with a customer, and your approach to resolving issues are all included in the process. 

But in order to fully satisfy the customer, you should know what he really wants. Surveys, constant communication, and gathering feedback all help in that.

How to boost customer satisfaction with digital signage

A quest for a better customer satisfaction rate is among the most challenging and important processes every business goes through. You need effective tools to reach great results. Digital signage is one such way. 

What screens do best is communicating with the customer. By creating a digital signage network you install a state-of-the-art system of engagement that can be used to boost customer satisfaction. 

We’ve got a big article about improving the customer journey, check it out too!

Displays are perfect for a complex approach to boosting customer satisfaction. They can be applied during the stages of browsing, purchasing, and problem resolution. As digital signage is versatile, you can use screens in several ways.

Here are 5 great ways to boost customer satisfaction with digital signage.

Collect customer feedback

Feedback is golden data your business needs to understand what’s on the customer’s mind. When you have this information, it’s easier to improve your product or service and give exactly what is expected. 

Also, listening to customers helps you retain clients and grow your business. 

Screens are perfect for gathering feedback. Customer is sure to see the message and QR codes can make it effortless to participate in such a communication. If you already run screens at your physical store or office, you can easily broadcast the feedback widget and make sure that the customer’s voice is heard. 

Why collecting feedback is essential in the long run? It allows you to nurture loyal customers. 

Provide a better customer experience

In the world of experiential marketing, digital signage is a tool that shines. Whether it’s retail, restaurants, shopping malls, or banking offices, you can use screens to improve the customer experience. 

Here, the content and creativity take the main stage. The display technology is as effective as you want it to be. When you know what your audience wants, the screens help you to craft memorable visual experiences. 

It can be everything from stunning video walls to AR-powered installations, from interactive screen-powered games to practical digital menus. The key here is to know the expectations of your customers and exceed them using digital means. 

Provide an improved service

Are there queues at your business? With signage technology, you can eliminate them by introducing a screen-powered queuing system. 

Are customers getting lost around your premises? Displays can lead the way providing a better wayfinding. 

These are just some ways how digital signage can boost customer satisfaction. The customer-first approach means that you should constantly be on the lookout for innovative measures that can positively affect the service you’re providing. 

A cloud-based solution like our very own Kitcast comes furnished with everything you need to immediately start improving the customer experience within your business. 

Communicate with your customers better

Long gone are the days of miscommunication between the companies and their customers. With screens setting up a bridge is much easier. 

Interactions will ensure a high level of customer experience and the boost in retention rate. 

Also, by having a communication channel like digital signage screens, you will be able to track metrics such as customer churn rate, repeat purchase rate, and customer lifetime value according to Forbes.

Organize regular customer surveys

Surveying is an effective way to understand your customer and subsequently improve the customer satisfaction rate. There is a whole science behind crafting a perfect survey. 

Here’s a great list of the best practices for designing customer surveys.

While having a good survey is challenging already, the other challenge is making customers fill it out. That’s where digital signage comes into play providing a better and more engaging way to organize the customer surveying process. 

You can use screens at your business to invite customers to take part in the survey instead of using costly fliers, sending countless emails that end up in the spam section, or persuading face-to-face. Displays are an unintrusive way to communicate with customers and they work perfectly for inviting people to take part in the survey.

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