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How To Add Value To Your Cars Using Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 18, 2019
May 29, 2024

Back to you with the latest automotive industry guide on the digital signage solutions for cars. Here you’ll find our ideas on how car digital signage can help you grow your automotive business and why you should go for it. Bringing you the insights on the auto digital signage without the need for additional research — straight talk with practical advice.

The automotive industry and car dealerships are about sales, not just fancy car shows. You’ve got to know how to increase the value of the cars you sell to make sure you make the most out of your marketing activity on the market. 

We genuinely believe that technology is the only way to up your game in automotive sales. This is the reason why we’ve prepared a detailed guide on how you can utilize the digital signage for cars. We’ll review the best use case ideas, so you can consider this your roadmap towards establishing a proper digital signage network in your car dealership.

Increase the Customer’s Excitement While He Waits

Whenever a customer visits your dealership, you’ve got to act fast and work with him right away. However, we all know that sometimes your clients will have to wait while the dealership personnel works out contract details or do research by the client’s request. 

To make sure your client is excited about his perspective order, you should heat the excitement with the digital signage content regarding the cars you sell. Showcase the most powerful models and the latest automotive releases. There is nothing more inspiring than watching an automotive showreel; it increases your desire to get yourself one. Isn’t that just what you want?

Advertise Additional Customizations and Explain Particular Model Benefits

When your customers walk around the dealership and review the car models that you can offer, he is not always sure what model or submodel he or she needs. This means that you have a huge potential to sell him a more expensive and powerful submodel landing a more substantial sale.

So why don’t you install a digital signage screen by each car you sell and give your customers a chance to review the benefits of the particular models and submodels? To make that even more convenient, you can use the touchscreen feature and an interactive system that lets you choose two models/submodels and generate a comprehensive comparison. 

In this case, you’ll have to work a lot on the content, but when you finish, you’ll have the most exclusive feature among the other dealerships. This will be more useful than just a few words from your sales rep on the pros and cons of a particular car.

Run Promotional Video Materials

Even though it sounds very obvious, you’ve got to focus on the promotional materials that you run on the digital signage for car dealerships.

To make sure you’re not just rotating the same annoying ads that your client sees on the internet and TV, you need to prepare a lot of videos, pictures and interactive infographics to advertise the products you sell. 

This is your best platform for showcasing the latest arrivals, bestsellers, and best picks from the experts. Digital signage for car companies allows you to bring real value through promotional videos, not just empty talk advertisements.

Take the Pressure off the Sales Personnel

Digital signage for cars is not just about advertising videos and marketing. It’s about work optimization and employee communication. We believe that an interactive digital signage booth can ease the work of your personnel and provide your clients with valuable information they can seek from a sales representative. 

There are several ways to utilize your digital signage in a sale process:

  • Interactive price comparison feature right on the display
  • Car performance comparison charts
  • Detailed data on particular car functionalities
  • etc

You can even showcase the table with the price comparison showing that your price is the best in the neighborhood or among the most popular locations. If that’s true, why shouldn’t you brag about it?

Offer the Interactive Test Drive Request Utilizing the Touchscreen Displays

Among the other features that can be powered by the touchscreen, digital signage systems are the ability to request a test drive. You can set up a system for test drive booking that will only require a few taps from your client. 

Showcase the Financing Plans

Sometimes it’s not easy to sell a car that has a huge price tag that scares away potential buyers. Basically, that is the reason why the financing plans appeared. More and more people find it convenient to pay out the full price for the car within the year and get the car right away. 

Breaking down the full price into smaller transactions helps you break the psychological barrier that your prospective client may have. So if you decide to give the digital signage a try, you’ll get yourself the screens to showcase the price dynamically with the financing plans and discounts. You’ll be able to edit the rates and plans with a few clicks.

Deliver the Dealership’s Brand Story and Message 

This is more of a brand awareness thing that you should still keep in mind. If you’re trying to build a robust company background and story, you’ve got to consider using the digital signage screen for that purpose. 

Prepare high-quality content about the company story, vision, and core values that your dealerships have. It will help you build a strong bond between your company and your customers. 

Digital Signage Car Industry Revolution Is Inevitable 

It’s inevitable for the car sellers to start using digital signage in the dealerships. However, as of today, you may be among the pioneers of the signage solutions in automotive sales. Wouldn’t you want to stand out and provide your clients with advanced technological assistance?

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