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How digital signage helps to save your money

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
April 2, 2020
May 29, 2024

Every penny matters when you're running a business. One of the technological tools that can help you save money is digital signage. How? We'll explain in this article.

There comes a time when a business owner sits down and thinks to him/herself: how can I make it more cost-efficient? We can't say that digital signage implementation is the solution in every case but we strongly believe that it is one of the greatest things that can happen to your venture. Because apart from its abilities to increase sales, grab attention and enhance brand awareness, it is also one of the most effective ways to cut down the costs. Immediately one would think just how the screen technology can do that but we have the answer.

It is important to understand that technology is there to make things easier and smoother for businesses. If you use digital signage the right way it opens a myriad of possibilities to save money and win big with showing stunning content. Whether it's through decreasing the use of paper, changing the way internal communication is done, earning through advertising or getting rid of lengthy content updates, digital signage is an amazing solution that works both short-term and long-term.

So start saving now with these tips.

Going paperless

Do you know how many trees it takes to make 1 ton of paper? It was estimated that the number is 24. Obviously, the trees are cut, the planet loses a part of its lungs, it deteriorates the environment and leads to a natural crisis. That is the green side of it. 

If we're talking about the financial aspects, it was calculated that 82% of companies in the US still rely heavily on paper. The numbers here are whopping, $8 billion is spent annually on paper. Or should we call it wasted on paper because let's say it, we're living in the 21st century, the roaring twenties. With all the technology at place, with all the novel methods of communication and distribution of the information should these statistics even exist? They still do but your company should be in that 8$ billion trap, your company would benefit much more from going paperless. And digital signage is there to help you. 

We think that it's time to forget about the paper as a tool for internal communication because it just creates unnecessary costs and it's ineffective. Screens are a much better solution in order to revamp how the information is distributed within your company. 

Let's say you have an important message you want to communicate with your employees. While you can go old school printing out hundreds of leaflets and distributing them spending money on paper and precious time, you can also implement office digital signage to fulfill it all in a matter of seconds with the help of the screens. Think strategically and calculate how much costs you can save with digital signage (hint: a lot). 

Earn with advertising

It's not only about saving money, but it's also about multiplying it. The screens are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. One of them is advertising. Because what is a better application of the interactive technological object than making it work to your benefit showing ads? 

Whether you're in retail, restaurant industry, education, hospitality, having screens around your property may give you a great moneymaking tool if you make it work. 

For example, you're running a brick-and-mortar store. You have advertisers but you can only offer them the static billboards. If it's static it means that it stays there for the amount of time you have agreed beforehand meaning that you would have to opt for 1 advertiser per 1 billboard. 

Now let's say that you have the digital signage network implemented around your property. The game is changed, now you can offer a spot for multiple advertisers because you're in full control of what you're showing. Also, you can adapt the content to the visiting times and the demographics. That makes it much more profitable advertising space and your income from advertising is diversified and multiplied. 

Cut the printing costs with going digital

If you're operating billboards around your business you know how tiresome and time-consuming it may be to change them. Add here the printing costs and you have a hassle that keeps on returning every week or month depending on how often you have to deal with it. However, there is a money-saving solution that can disrupt the way you are working with the billboards within your business. 

Let's take a big hotel as an example. Usually, you would have multiple billboards all around the premises. This is where the costs are directed: to install them, to change the content, to print out new billboards. What happens if you go fully digital? Once the digital signage network of screens is implemented you don't have to worry about printing any longer, the changing of the content happens instantly, you can control it all from one device. This cuts your costs, creates new possibilities of reaching the hearts and minds of your customers and, what's most important, saves you time and nerves.

Digital signage is a solution that saves your money

We reviewed the most common instances when screen technology helps your business to save every penny on paper, printing, changing content and lets you earn more with advertising. You can learn more about the digital signage basics browsing through our blog and we would be happy to consult you on how implementing this technology can help your business to save and increase sales.

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