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How Digital Signage Helps Selling NFT Digital Art

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 18, 2022
May 29, 2024

NFT digital art is the hottest topic in both the world of finance and the internet. Some think it’s the next step for the whole cryptocurrency paradigm, others warn of a bubble. The truth is, NFTs are here to stay for some time and companies that are planning to sell them may want to look at digital signage as a tool that will make it happen with much bigger efficiency. So let’s see how it works exactly. 

What is an NFT?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have a basic understanding of how the NFT works. If not, here’s a quick explanation. 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. 

Let’s say there’s a digital artist and he made a pixelated version of a monkey. He put it online as an NFT. It’s not the monkey itself that makes it an asset, it’s the data stored in the blockchain. Sure, as with everything on the internet, this file can be copied. But blockchain allows this particular file to be non-interchangeable. In other words, it is the blockchain technology that makes such a file unique and one-of-a-kind. 

With such features in place as non-fungibility, this token is then sold. Basically, it’s the main thing to understand about the NFTs. 

What is the relation between digital signage and NFT art?

At a first glance, these two things exist in different realities. NFT is an internet-exclusive phenomenon that can only live there. Digital signage is the technology that allows the broadcast of content using displays. What can be the connection? There’s a straightforward one, it just takes a strategic glance to find it. 

What links Gucci, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, KFC? All these companies have got in the game and now offer their own NFT for sale. Many follow suit. The market seems too good to miss and your company is probably also thinking of going with the NFT art in one way or another. 

While the online medium seems like a good way to make your NFT available for potential buyers, how about offline? What is the better way to promote the NFTs you’re selling than doing it using digital signage?

Best practices of selling your NFTs with screens

Creativity is key when it comes to content delivery. Here’s how displays can help with your NFT sales. 

1) creating a gallery (indoor/outdoor)

If you’re selling multiple different NFTs one of the coolest ideas to present them to the visitors of your physical location would be through making a gallery using the screens. It can be done using regular-sized flat-screen displays, or smaller, tablet-like devices. People would be impressed with finding a futuristic gallery that boasts digital art.

2) going big with video walls

Video walls are one of the best ways to engage with the customers in a way that entertains and mesmerizes them. Use this power of digital signage to promote your NFT. Show a gigantic version of it on a video wall and draw all the eyeballs to such a bombastic content move. 

3) using existing displays to include NFT

Are you already using the awesome capabilities of signage technology? That's the perfect start to commence the NFTs to the mix. The flexibility of digital signage gives you a chance to combine different content types and include the digital art you’re selling into the things you’re showing. 

4) big and readable QR codes

QR codes are super important when something you’re selling doesn’t live in a physical world. Digital signage allows you to master the linking by showing a bigger version of the QR code, the one that is guaranteed to be photographed. You can use it both to lead potential buyers to the page of NFT purchase or apply it as a part of an interactive strategy to get people interested in an author, the circumstances around the creation of a particular digital art piece, or anything else that you see aligning with your sales plan.

5) background information about the NFT

Many visitors of your physical location may not know yet that they should get into an NTFs game and your piece is the one that gets them started. That’s where the screens come in handy. You can create educational and inspirational content about the reasons for your visitors to care about the NFT art, why your pieces are great to start with, what makes it different from competitors, and how buyers will be able to gain from it. This way you’re initiating a greater conversation with your audience and connecting with them directly.

How to start using digital signage for NFT art promotion?

With cloud-based solutions such as Kitcast it has never been easier. The only things you’ll need are a display, an Apple TV (or an Android-based device), and the app. Plug the Apple TV into the screen, download the app, follow easy linking instructions and you’re good to go. As simple as buying an NFT.

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