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Top Hospitality Digital Signage Ideas in 2023

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 26, 2023
May 29, 2024

2023 is a great year for hospitality digital signage. The possibilities for improving the customer experience are endless, the tools are as accessible as ever, and the costs of deployment are manageable. Considering that digital signage for hospitality is one of the best ways to boost sales, it’s not a bad mix.

Digital displays are among the solutions that bring transformative change. But in order to do that you should have a clear understanding of how to get there. Use our article as a guiding light. Today we’d like to talk about the hottest hospitality digital signage trends in 2023 that you can implement.

But how exactly are screens improving the guest experience?

Running a hotel is a competitive enterprise. While success depends on many things, the experience that the guests get by staying at your place is among the most important keys to being on top of the hospitality game. Why not give them more? Digital signage for hospitality is the solution you’re looking for

When you deploy screens it’s not only about the fancy new good-looking technology. With the right mindset and devotion to strategic growth, you can make magic. Use the potential of hotel digital signage right and you’re transforming the whole communication and interaction paradigm. Starting from the lobby and ending with the in-room, it’s going to be more exciting. 

Better engagement is what’s guaranteed when you install the displays. Improved trust and a boost in sales are things you’re also getting from going digital. So how about unleashing this power?

To help you out a little bit, here are the top digital signage ideas for hospitality in 2023

Hotel lobby signs that sparkle

Oh, the lobby. A place where everything starts and ends. The most frequented spot at any hotel. The majority of hotel communication is done here, the emotions run strong, and the satisfaction (and dissatisfaction) materializes in a form of a conversation with the hotel managers. Long story short, you want your hotel lobby to feel and look amazing.

With screens, everything is limited to your creativity. 2023 is a year when hotel lobbies should be pleasant and fun. Not boring and grey. It really doesn’t matter how many stars your lodging has, it’s about the design of the best experience for your guests. 

Get creative with the hotel lobby signs. These are the ways you can improve them with digital signage: 

- setting the right mood with the help of visuals

- deploying impressive video walls for the best first impression

- combining branding content with the promotional announcements

- gathering feedback from the guests

When it’s the lobby, it pays off to be bold and confident. It’s a spot to take the breath away and set the scene. Hospitality digital signage will be glad to help you with that.

Interactive wayfinding that does the job

We’ve all been here. You arrive at a resort, you’re given a room key and receive guidance from the manager. The next thing you know you’re lost in the endless corridor of similarly-looking spaces. 

It shouldn’t be this way. Use 2023 to take a strategic look at how the wayfinding is organized at your hotel. Use screens to create an intuitive and simple system of directions. Spice it up with other content.

For example, if a person passes by a swimming pool on the way to the restaurant, show the directions to the restaurant but don’t forget to include a mention of how great the private cabanas next to the pool are.

Reimagined restaurant experience

On-site hotel restaurants differ. And while we can’t give advice on food, we can guide you to a better customer experience. With the screens, of course. 

Restaurant displays are not a new thing. A thousand eateries already use a digitalized approach around the world. In 2023 it’s a sin not to include the screens in your restaurant operations. If your hotel uses digital signage for other spaces, deploying displays in the restaurant is a must. 

We’re not saying that just because we’re a digital signage company. We’re saying that because of our expertise in this field, we know how beneficial it is to have a screen. Start with the digital menu boards, create the mood with the hall displays, and upgrade the ordering experience.

Promote special propositions, make the presentation of the meals irresistible, and grow your social media presence. It’s this good. 

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