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Living Smarter: Digital Signage for Home

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 15, 2022
May 29, 2024

Home digital signage can positively transform your life. It’s the small things that bring us joy, after all, and you can use technology to ameliorate living. We’re not talking full-scale, grandiose network deployment here. It’s all about designing the best space for yourself at the place where you come to rest, spend time with family, and be yourself.

Digital signage for home and the concept of smart living

The 21st century is all about interconnectivity and using technological progress for your benefit. Everything is smart nowadays, for better or for worse. If you’d like to, there’s a possibility to create a living concept with almost every household item controlled by your smartphone. Whether you need it or not is a matter of preference, but it definitely can make your life better.

Digital signage is both a part of the smart living concept and is outside of it. While it follows the philosophy of connectivity, it’s also a tool that is completely controlled by you and does exactly what you want it to do. While many solutions with a “smart home” brand have issues with privacy, digital signage for home is a closed system and is in your full control.

home digital signage content

What are the benefits of home digital signage?

We love our home to be cozy. We strive to create interiors that make spending time in-house better. For example, you buy a wall poster to have a visually pleasing experience. Digital signage is the same thing. While a part of an interior design, its flexibility and versatility make it a perfect decor element. 

You can customize the screen content according to your tastes and preferences. And you’re not stuck with one static image here, by installing displays at your home you basically can show whatever you want. And it’s a great plus of this technology. 

We’re accustomed to digital signage that is reserved only for big-scale venues like business centers, malls, or railway stations. While external and commercial use of this tool is definitely a hit, it is equally great at intimate moments of your home. 

What can you use home digital signage for?

Here’s the question that gets asked the most when it comes to digital signage for home. What benefit does it have for my home? Why should I install it? 

Well, it simply levels up your interior and allows you to have the content you want. It is smooth, it is beautiful, and it is inspiring. 

Let’s review all the best types of content you can run on your home digital signage: 

- Informational content

Keep up with updates such as weather forecasts, the latest news, important alerts, or financial info. Also, you can broadcast TV guides, cinema schedules for a weekend, happening in the city, and important events not to miss. Kitcast allows you to run widgets that will provide you with all the essential information and keep it brief and slick. 

- Motivational content 

Some hang posters with quotes on their walls. Some have screens broadcasting quotes. However, if the first is always the same, with digital signage you’ve got an ever-changing flow of motivational quotes. 

- Family content 

We also like to call it the heartwarming content. You can use screens for family pictures and videos that are sure to brighten up your day and allow you to cherish great memories. And it’s not one picture, you can use our software to have a slideshow and organize the visual material in the way you want it to run.

- Social media content

There’s never enough social media. You can visualize the Instagram and Twitter feeds, and keep up with favorite RSS streams. For example, when you’re cooking in the kitchen and don’t want to miss an update.

- Atmospheric content 

Screens are great additions to home decor. And you can use them to create a special atmosphere by showing visual material of your choice. Van Gogh paintings or abstract Bauhaus lines, the footage of Niagara Falls or a fly-over of Iceland, the technology is there to make it gorgeous and bring the visuals straight to your living room or bedroom.


As you can see, there are many ways to use screen technology to make your home better. It’s an awesome way to level up your interior and create whatever atmosphere you want. 

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