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Healthcare as a Growth Area for Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 28, 2021
May 29, 2024

Healthcare digital signage is a great way to make hospitals better. Not only it brings more engagement, better alert distribution and increased potential sales, it is also a flexible tool to keep up with technology during these hard times for the industry. 

COVID-19 pandemic has put a tremendous strain on hospitals worldwide. With a daily influx of new patients, the unpredictability of the disease, high vitality and old infrastructure, many have fallen to the permanent crisis. And with the new variants coming and the vaccine hesitancy still a big problem, hospitals have to be prepared for the tough times.

Why digital signage solutions for healthcare?

It’s not that healthcare digital signage is an immediate changer. It is a tool. And as with any other tool, it is essential to use it properly to achieve results. However, if it is used right, it’s a powerful instrument for the healthcare industry to revamp its experience and level up the infrastructure. 

What is it exactly in the content of the hospitals? It is a technology that allows showing content using the screens. As simple as that. But as the visual and informational capabilities of the screens are truly endless, used right this technology can make great things happen.

With new cloud-based solutions like Kitcast, hospitals don’t have to worry about the difficult installation process, separate IT team payrolls and hundreds of pain-inducing technology-related complications. You would just need a streaming device, a screen and software. When everything is connected, the content is ready to be shown. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use, a perfect combination for a hassle-free application with zero stress.

What does digital signage mean for healthcare providers?

First and foremost, it’s a tremendous tool for information delivery. Any kind of announcement, healthcare digital signage does it. In practice, in order to show an alert, your staff would only need to click inside the app. Very straightforward and extremely powerful. 

What it does is create a technological system of interconnected screens that ensure a new kind of experience for both the visitors and staff. And it’s a win-win for both sides. 

  1. On a patient side - better experience means loyalty and trust. That, in turn, brings economical gains and growth. 
  2. On a staff side - caring employer is something that motivates to go to work and perform better. 

What can healthcare digital signage be used for?

The versatility of signage technology unties any kind of content type wishes hospitals might have. The quick delivery makes it easy to experiment and flawless software ensures a smooth broadcast. 

Here are the types of content healthcare digital signage solutions are great at: 

a) wayfinding 

Usually, patients come to the hospital having some health woes. And many of these venues can be labyrinthine with hundreds of cabinets and several buildings. Installing screens allows to transform wayfinding and show maps, directions, floor plans. 

b) instant alerts and emergencies 

Time is everything when health is at stake and healthcare digital signage solutions work for the preservation of it by giving the power to show alerts in a matter of seconds. That works well both for patients and for the workers. When there is an emergency or you have an important message to share, the displays are the perfect medium for that. 

c) patient engagement

To provide your visitors with the best hospital experience, it’s important to engage properly. Screens are a perfect way to do that because of their flexibility and visual character. 

d) commercial promotion

There are many possibilities to grow in the healthcare industry by promoting the services you provide using a digital medium. 

e) motivation of the employees

Internal communication and caring about the well-being of hospital employees are extremely important during these hard times. You can use screens for encouragement by celebrating the best employees. Also, displays are great for motivational content. 

How to start using signage technology?

Back in the day for a hospital to have a full-fledged digital signage network it took hours of installation with servers, cabers and special technical knowledge. Today it’s not the case anymore. With new solutions, the whole installation process becomes plug-and-play meaning that you will only have to connect several elements and control everything inside the app. 

First of all, research the existing software solutions and go with the one that fits the needs of your healthcare institution. Look out for the features, customer support, reliability, security and price. There are entry-level and industry-level solutions. If you are running a large hospital it seems more reasonable to choose the option that can operate smoothly with a big network of screens. 

Once the software is chosen, you’d have to have the screens. Place them in the areas where they will be seen the best. Also, buy the streaming players, we recommend going with Apple TV. 

When all the physical installation is done, you’re ready to create a network digitally. For Kitcast, for example, it takes only 3 simple steps: 

  1. Plug your Apple TV (or Android TV, Fire TV Stick) into a screen
  2. Download our app from the app store
  3. Go through a quick and intuitive installation process inside the app

This is really everything you have to do to establish a healthcare digital signage using Kitcast. 

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