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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters releases a Kevin Costner ad

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 17, 2023
May 29, 2024

It's not often that you see a Kevin Costner ad. In fact, the Academy Award winner hasn't done it for 30 years. We're lucky in 2023, though, here's a new Green Mountain Coffee Roasters featuring the “Yellowstone” actor.


The plot: Kevin Costner is on an outdoor set. He sports a cowboy hat and walks around in full "Yellowstone" attire (as you would expect him to be). The actor is busy with the bulls, he doesn't want them to pump heads in the shot. The director agrees with that statement but suggests they move to "Collabs", a line of products the studio wants to feature in the film.

"What's a collab?" proclaims former Robin Hood visibly irritated. He just wanted to proceed with shooting bulls we suppose. But Costner still goes on to try each of the products and he likes none. You gotta give it to the creativity of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, they have put soul into these product placement "collabs".

One is a sneaker with a spear. Another is a "ranch hand musk" perfume. Then there is an oven scrub to which Costner says "What?" very puzzled. Cowboy kimono makes an appearance and so do the golden "cowboy grills". "It's kinda creepy" is the actor's verdict on the latter.

"There's gotta be something that I actually like," says Kevin Costner with a true Academy Award-winning fervor and all the dots start to connect. He had this product in his hand all this time. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is the answer.

Why we love it: this collab (sorry Mr. Costner) between the famous actor and the Keurig Dr Pepper-owned coffee brand is among the best celebrity commercials of 2023. Created by Havas New York agency and directed by Brian Billow, the video features good-natured lighthearted humor and clever jokes.

Also, it's the first ad that Kevin Costner has done in 30 years, so there's a special element to it too. In a PR statement on Keurig Dr Pepper's website, the actor said that "alongside the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters team, we embarked on a journey of exploration, experimenting with various concepts. They were able to help guide me through the process where my opinion was valued and incorporated. It was the best outcome I could have imagined". We expect Costner to love the whole experience.

The company also launched a signature Horizon Blend by Kevin Costner that will be available starting in December 2023.

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