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Good Morning, DSE 2019! Kitcast Diary. Day 1

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 28, 2019
May 29, 2024

Day 1 of the Digital Signage Expo 2019 in Las Vegas is done and we can finally breath out, feeling overwhelmed with the astounding experience which DSE certainly is. Before we move on with the second day of the exhibition, we’d like to share some of yesterday’s highlights.

Transparent LCD – a game changer for the whole industry

Transparent screens by Ever tree where by far the most discussed technology presented from DSE Day 1. It struck us with the image quality and dynamic range. These screens can change from glass-like transparency to a display mode in a blink of an eye. Here, take a look for yourself:

The application range of these screens – from retail (fridges, shop windows) to basically, anywhere you can use touch interfaces. This technology allows you to utilize the space behind the screens, limiting the possibilities only to your marketing creativity. Another feature showrooms will fall in love with – mirror mode.

3D Holographic tech is here and it will blow your mind

HYPERVSN caught our attention instantly. Its 3D holographic visuals that appear to be floating in mid-air leave everyone speechless, and frankly – it’s the very digital signage solution we can’t get enough of.


DS market is rapidly growing and sees no slowdown in the nearest future

The grand scale of this year’s exhibition sends a positive signal to the whole industry – DS is experiencing a period of booming growth. It was such a pleasure to meet fellow companies from the DSE 2018 and see how they expanded in just one year.

Glad we’ve had a chance to discuss the trending issues with our neighboring exhibitors and visitors. With most of the topics circling around analytics and data, more and more companies are after more flexible enterprise-level solutions for screen management. Simplicity and versatility remain the key features for the customers.

This year’s audience is diverse like near before – from school IT-departments to airport representatives. But without a doubt, DSE 2019 is about the resellers.

What was Day 1 for Kitcast?

First of all, it was phenomenal in terms of networking and diving into the industry insights. We’ve presented one of the latest Kitcast software features: switching AppleTV from digital signage mode to the live presentation mode. With a wide range of applications, this digital sigange feature comes in really handy.  

We still have a lot to see and to discuss with other market players. We’re excited to take a look at the new displays from such vendors like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Sharp. Their 4K and 8K solutions are going to die another spin to the SmartTV segment.

DSE 2019 defies all your expectations and offers a crucial networking possibility. It’s the best place to find a perfect solution for your DS, get a grasp of the trends and easily boost your brand awareness. See, that was just the first day, and we’re already head over heels! See you today at Kitcast booth #1443. Let’s chat, give our app a spin and make some signage digital!

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