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Gen Z and Digital Signage Marketing

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 27, 2023
May 29, 2024

Generation Z is a force to be reckoned with. They are at the forefront of digital purchasing and brands should understand how to talk to them. Digital signage definitely helps. But it also helps to get a big picture of Gen Z digital marketing as a whole. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to highlight the essential stats and share the best practices.

What is Gen Z?

The term is used to describe consumers the group of consumers born between 1997 and 2015. 

Dividing people into generations helps marketers to understand the interests of different age groups. But it also includes the socio-economic reality of that particular group. 

In that regard, Gen Z has been growing up during very turbulent times with interests and needs shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, the rise of social media, and a weak economy.

Also, Gen-Z currently has purchasing power worth $143 billion.

Social media is key to Gen Z digital marketing

Take a look at this graph: 

gen z digital marketing - social apps rating


Then at this: 


Gen Z loves social media. They use it extensively. And this won’t change during the next years. 

Also, 83% of Gen Z shops on social media. That means that socials are not only used for interaction, they become a sort of digital shopping mall where people browse, make purchasing decisions, and buy stuff. 

Moreover, 56% of Gen Z have made an in-app purchase with their mobile phones in the last year. It’s serious for this age group. 

And don’t forget that 97% say social media is their top method for researching shopping options

But what does it mean for brands? Well, first of all, it’s absolutely necessary to have awesome social media accounts and a marketing strategy that includes Gen Z. But it’s one thing to do that on the internet. It’s a different game when you’re offline. 

For bridging offline and online there’s no better tool than digital signage.

Winning Gen Z's attention with the screens

8 seconds. That’s all the time you’ve got when it comes to capturing the attention of Generation Z. 

As this group didn’t know the world that’s not digital, the one and the only way to grab its attention is by using means they are very familiar with. Of course, we’re talking about the digital signage here. 

Displays strive in the world of short attention spans, they are made for rapid content interactions. That’s why it’s an ideal medium for marketing for Gen Z. 

The previous chapter highlighted the strong link that Gen Z has with social media. You can use the displays to make sure the connection to the digital world persists even in the physical space of a retail store, shopping mall, cinema, or financial institution. 

Here are some of the cool ways you can use displays for Gen Z digital marketing: 

- promoting your social media accounts 

- asking for a user-generated content

- sparking conversations online 

- gathering feedback

- showing user-generated content 

- organizing experiential competitions 

- bringing exclusivity (for example, giving prizes for content done in a specific store/location)

As you can see there are many various ways how digital signage is used to boost social media engagement offline. And there’s no limit to creativity really, you can use the flexibility of the screens to create whichever campaign you want.

It’s all about brand authenticity

Here’s an important graph for understanding Gen Z digital marketing:


Trust matters for Gen Z. 

In fact, 73% of Gen Z only buy from brands they believe in. And as we know, trust is quite a delicate matter within the world of marketing. 

Trust is earned, it can’t be acquired. But there are tools that help you nurture trust. And digital signage is among the most powerful ones in that regard. 

One of the major elements of building trust and promoting authenticity is having a constant conversation with your audience. That is achieved through engagement and there’s no better way to engage within the physical world than through the screens. 

Run content that is relevant for Gen Z, show them that you care, promote the special campaigns you’re focused on, promote sustainability, and spark the dialogue.

Be active, be interactive. 87% want a personalized shopping experience. That means that the majority of Gen Z is ready to directly engage with the brand and expect brands to get personal with them. Displays ensure that the channel of communication is always open and effectively tuned.

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