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5 Ideas of In-Store Digital Signage on Gas Stations

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 26, 2021
May 29, 2024

Gas station digital signage is a great way to change the way your business interacts with customers and earn more through a local advertising network. 

There is a wide variety of gas stations. Big and small, they dot thousands of roads beaconing with lights and promising a good rest to the car-owners. But it’s the customer experience that matters to the financial wellbeing of a gas station. The more time people spend inside - the bigger chance of an additional purchase. The more loyalty they have for your gas station brand - the more probability they return. 

The key to a better client interaction is giving a pleasant experience starting from pumping to the products you sell. 

What if there was a tool to increase sales? A tool that would make your customers want more, shop more? Gas station signage is such a solution. The screen technology transforms your business with the way content is distributed and you start earning more on your own terms. Install displays inside your gas station and see how the magic unfolds. How to master this magic? 

Here are 5 ideas of in-store digital signage on gas stations.

1. Implement digital menus

It’s high time to turn to technology in order to revolutionize your in-store experience. Displays are more visually appealing, instantly turn the eyeballs of your customers and can perform multiple functions at the same time. Install the screen where people are looking and experiment with the content you show. 

The versatility of gas station digital signage allows you to try different content approaches and choose the one that works best for your business. For example, digital menus can be used for highlighting the special promotions you’re having, upselling items, selling combos. Communicate that with bright animation, entertain customers, add humor. 

2. Inform your customers

The business that cares about its clients is the one who’s valued the most. Gas station digital signage can help you channel that. When you’re on the road it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest traffic and weather information. Also, you simply don’t have time to check out the news. That’s when the screens at the gas station come to play. 

Displays are the best medium for communicating important information and present it in an engaging way. Utilize weather widgets, run breaking news sections, constantly update your customers on the traffic situation. Use technology as a way to support your customer on the road. 

3. Digital signage for gas station makes you an advertiser

One of the main draws of gas station digital signage is its ability to be many things at once. Displays make for perfect advertising spaces so why not start having a new stream of income? Partner with the brands you’re selling, run boutique campaigns, level up the marketing efforts in-store. With screen technology, you have the power to set up a small advertising ecosystem that is guaranteed to make you money

TIP: Just don’t forget that the content you’re showing is the most important part of making sure that the digital signage works properly. When you’re running ads on screens they should be relevant, entertaining and give some value to your customers. The same goes for any piece of content that runs on your displays. 

4. Ensure a hassle-free pumping experience

Pumping is usually the primary objective of a visit to a gas station. To make customers feel good about your business, this part should be flawless. Gas station digital signage helps you to do just that. Install screens outside and inside that provide clear instructions, implement a queue management system, minimize the waiting times. The more organized and quick the process is, the bigger the chance customers will return for more and become loyal to your brand. 

5. Level up your social media channels

Today being active on social media is indispensable for any business. Gas stations are not an exception. Nevertheless often it’s quite difficult to grow there due to the inactivity, lack of content and inconsistency. 

Digital signage solves this problem by being the best promotional tool for your social media channels. Highlight your accounts using screens, ask customers to subscribe, run different competitions and giveaways. One of the most powerful ways to drive people to your social pages is making them participate in a challenge or asking them to submit their photos from your gas station. Use the sparkling power of display technology to interact with people and grow your following on social. 

Popular Questions about digital signage for gas station

Do I need special hardware to have digital signage at my gas station?

With solutions like Kitcast you only need a screen and an Apple TV. The rest is done by technology. Installation takes 5 minutes and you’re ready to create beautiful content.

Do I have to design the digital menus myself?

You certainly can but why would you if Kitcast has a great set of templates to choose from that can work for your business.

I want to try digital signage but I’m not sure it will work in my case

No worries, we have a FREE trial and the great thing is that credit card is not required.

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