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How to Try the Free Apple TV Digital Signage?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 9, 2021
May 29, 2024

Starting with digital signage has never been easier with Kitcast free Apple TV digital signage. You can try it at your own pace without spending a penny. 

When screens became a golden standard of visual communication many businesses felt an urge to switch from the old school static solution to dynamic technology. However, the change isn’t always smooth: digital technology still is quite misunderstood and not implemented to its full potential. And it’s a pity, as it is a true game-changer for marketing and allows your company to utilize a full force of the latest advancements in content broadcasting. 

Also, there is still a misconception that it’s expensive. It’s not if you know how to use it and use it according to your goals. That’s why it’s important to try it out first and see how it fits into your marketing scheme. Free digital signage for Apple TV that Kitcast offers is such a possibility. A chance for you to unleash the versatility of our software solution without paying for it. 

How free Apple TV digital signage offer works

It’s never been easier to start showing sparkling content. All you have to do is:

  1. sign up using a special form on Kitcast website
  2. start using Kitcast and get acquainted with our state-of-art free apple tv digital signage
  3. make a decision on continuing with subscription at your own pace

Why is it a great offer? It’s a card-free option. We know the inconvenience of giving your card details for signing up for a trial version of the software. We don’t want you to feel in any way uncomfortable. That’s why you can start with Apple TV digital signage for free without the obligation to provide your card details. We value customer trust. And we want to earn yours.

Unlock COVID-safe communication with your audience through Kitcast

In a world where the pandemic of novel coronavirus is still a huge problem, it’s essential to provide an effective communication bridge between businesses and the audience. Digital signage is the perfect tool for that. 

It is:


You can show whatever content you want at the time when the people are looking.


You just plug your Apple TV into your screen, install our app, follow the simple instructions and you’re good to go straight away. No more stressy technology, we offer a smooth ride you will actually enjoy. 


In the era where time matters, communication solutions should be quick. Screen technology is a great medium that allows you to broadcast messages instantly. 

Communication done right 

Digital signage is a very powerful tool you can rely on in times of crisis like this one. One of the main challenges for businesses nowadays is social distancing and lockdowns. There is not one industry that was spared from the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis. And public health matters more than ever with outbreaks regularly happening around the world. 

To make sure that all the coronavirus-related restrictions are fulfilled, it is vital to send out the correct message to your audience. Screens do it very very well. Digital signage is made for communication and you are able to control every part of it and ensure the safety of your customers. Run public announcements, broadcast social distancing info, make an effective queue management system, do promotions, talk to your audience through screens. 

The free Apple TV digital signage option Kitcast offers will help you try it out and see how the screens go with your business. 

Of course, digital signage alone doesn’t do all the magic, the right content does. We would be very happy to give you content suggestions and tips that are going to help you make marketing that works. Adapt the screens to the needs of your business and ensure growth and increase in sales. 


What exactly am I getting out of Kitcast FREE trial offer?

The offer includes instant content updates, free COVID-19 templates and unlimited cloud storage for your digital signage needs. What exactly am I getting out of Kitcast FREE trial offer?

Why is digital signage better than static signage?

It is all about the attention and the content. Digital signage is guaranteed to capture the attention of your customers and the right content is sure to win them over.

What do I need to start with Kitcast digital signage?

All you need is a screen, an Apple TV, and our app downloaded. The rest is our business and we’re really good at it.

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