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Our Favourite Christmas Digital Signage Campaigns 2018

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 24, 2018
May 29, 2024

The holiday season is a truly enchanting time. Also, it is a part of the year when marketers get especially creative and compete in giving the best advertising campaigns for their businesses. Digital signage has a special place among the tools marketers use to broadcast their great Christmas messages. This year we've seen many amazing applications of holiday digital signage. Some were exceptionally amazing. Let us share with you our favorite Christmas digital signage campaigns 2018 and cheer you up with the right digital holiday spirit!

1. Christmas cards in Edinburgh

Christmas from JC Decaux UK - Kitcast Blog

One of the most touching and heartwarming campaigns this year comes from JC Decaux UK and takes place in the magnificent city of Edinburgh. The City Council organized a competition to choose the 11 Christmas cards to be shown on the digital bus shelter screens in Princes Street. What an amazing way to showcase the children's creativity and create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in the city with a little help from the digital signage technology. We would definitely like to see more digital signage applications like this.

2. Pepsi Max campaign in Newcastle

https://twitter.com/JCDecaux_UK/status/1069604210944155648Simple, eye-popping and minimalistic. This is how we would describe an attention-grabbing Christmas campaign by Pepsi at Newcastle Central Station. The campaign comprised of 6 premium digital screens placed in the very center of the station showing "Try a new tradition this Christmas" message promoting the Pepsi Max. Hats off to JCDecaux for another flawless digital signage execution.

3. Pandora DOOH campaign in London

https://twitter.com/clearchanneluk/status/1076067510699601920Pandora is an embodiment of elegance and style. Their recent DOOH campaign has a state-of-art feel too. They have equipped the bus shelters in London with digital screens that showed the real-time countdown to Christmas along with the fantastic photos of their products. It is stylish and engaging, the qualities we love in good digital signage.

4. Grinch promotion in Oslo

https://twitter.com/JCDecauxGlobal/status/1071033813789237248While the new Grinch movie quietly crashes it at the box office and divides the critics, marketing teams work hard to promote it in the best way. Our favorite promotional campaign for this animated film is in Oslo at Central Station. There is a huge Christmas tree that is upside down and then there is a screen that sends the right promotional message. Great combination of OOH and DOOH!

5. War is over the campaign in Liverpool

https://twitter.com/OceanOutdoorUK/status/1075685535568539648The top spot of the "most powerful digital signage" competition goes to Ocean Outdoor. They have installed a gigantic screen in Liverpool that displayed just this: "War is over! If you want it. Merry Christmas from John & Yoko" recreating the famous words of a legendary Christmas track from the celebrated Beatle and Yoko Ono. The font is black, the background is white. Do we really need anything else to have a stunning Christmas digital signage?

6. Cadbury Dairy Milk interactive campaign

https://twitter.com/OceanOutdoorUK/status/1071066956491567105Digital signage is a very interactive tool that allows you to engage directly with your consumers. Ocean Outdoor has utilized that to the maximum with their SimplyFi Wi-Fi. They have developed a technology that allows screens to provide a fast internet connection to users across the different cities in the UK. Combine this with an interactive Christmas campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk and you get one of the most inventive digital signage campaigns of the year.

7. Lidl guerilla marketing campaign

Christmas Digital Signage Campaigns from Lidl OOH - Kitcast Blog

Who doesn't love a good guerilla marketing campaign? Although not a digital signage, this year's Lidl OOH has definitely resonated with the customers. The famous German discount store chain has created billboards featuring the creatives in a design similar to the one their retail competitors use (M&S and Waitrose) "overlayed" with a Lidl sticker proclaiming the benefits of their Christmas products and prices. Interesting and bold move considering that the aforementioned ads were located right next to the stores of the rivals.Find more case studies of using digital signage on our website.

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