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5 Most Creative Fast Food DOOH Campaigns

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 5, 2023
May 29, 2024

Fast food signage is always exciting. Things go rapidly in this industry. Regarding marketing, it’s hard to find a more dynamic sphere. Outdoor fast food digital signage is where the innovation is, it’s where you find the boldest, the most over-the-top, and unapologetically creative in advertising. Why not celebrate it? Here are the best fast food signage examples for you.

1. Convertible Food Trucks - McDonald's

Why: in a cool example of fast food signage advertising, McDonald's gave the billboards a food truck makeover and invited people to interact. On one hand, the company has got a precious "wow" factor. On the other, it was a fitting promotional campaign for a brand new Crafted Chicken burger. Also, there was a homage part in this campaign, McDonald's celebrated the food truck culture in the most innovative way.

But we loved the part where the customers could engage with the screens. You could scan the QR code that appeared on the screen to get yourself a coupon entitling you to a free meal at the local McDonald's restaurant. Basically, the company went a whole fast food signage circle with this one and we love it.

2. Changing Billboards According to Traffic - McDonald's

fast food signage McDonald's

Why: highly creative fast food signage campaign has been done by McDonald's in the UK. It blended the physical and online to impressive results. Taking the data from Google, the billboards showed the ad according to the traffic situation. This way the billboards had a very real-life-like appearance and immediate relevancy to a customer. The Big Mac was on when the traffic situation was light. But when it got packed, a poignant "stick in a jam? There's a light at the end of the tunnel" phrase appeared on the screen inviting the drivers to make a tasty stop at the nearest McDonald's restaurant.

3. TigerPig dance-off - Subway

Why: new times call for new marketing moves. Subway gets it. The fast food giant has bridged the online and offline with their Tiger Pig dance-off campaign, one of the best fast food signage projects in years. It has many layers, it is very well thought-out, and, most importantly, it's simply fun. First came the celebrity factor. The company partnered with the famous dance duo Diversity to create a signature dance for their new characters Tiger and Pig. Then the TikTok was thrown into a mix, the users were asked to participate in a challenge and upload their own AR-facilitated videos of the dance. Finally, it invaded the offline medium too. The company installed special digital signage-enabled dancing pods where the people could dance in real life. Results were astounding, the company gathered lots of eyeballs and got trending on social media.

4. First Bite - KFC

Why: indeed, we all remember our first. Bite. At KFC. Maybe yes, maybe no. But the chilcken-frying fast food behemoth definitely knows how to put a great outdoor signage campaign. It's a multichannel thing with their "First Bite" encompassing the digital, the DOOH, and the TV. It's warm, it's friendly, it makes you think about good things in life. Like eating the chiken bites or munching the wings. Because sometimes you don't need any shock value in marketing. Sometimes all you need is simply catch that warm good feeling and go with it. The fact that there's also a YouTube video coming with the physical ads is amplifying the effect of the campaign which is always a good thing.

5. Interactive 3D Billboard - Subway

Why: sure, the digital out-of-home advertising is already cool enough. But you know what's even cooler and bolder? That's right, the 3D billboards. Subway has been one of the first fast food companies to embrace the powers of this new exciting digital AR medium with their fresh London campaign. All things work perfectly here. It's the ad promoting the sandwiches. Nothing more, nothing less. But the execution is what really stroke us. Not every day you see a very real gigantic 3D sandwich in the middle of a busy London street. The campaign also smartly utilizes the QR code to direct customers to the nearest subway. Overall, it's a perfect example of leadership in innovation and correctly understanding the latest digital trends. 3D billboards combined with AR are the future and Subway drives this future today.  

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