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11 Fantastic Hotel Advertisements that will Amaze You (+ 22 more)

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 29, 2024

It’s always great to go through cool hotel advertisement examples. When you’re in such an ad-friendly sector as travel, there can be unlimited ways to apply creativity. The best hotel advertisements make a great use of their location, expertly inspire potential travelers, and come with mind-blowing visuals.

2023 has given us some awesome hotel advertising examples, let’s see what’s up in the industry. Let’s watch the best hotel advertisements of 2023.

1. The ‘Here’ Anthem - Marriott Bonvoy

Why: watching such an ad is quite a dangerous thing to do. You might immediately have a feeling of incurable wanderlust. And that’s exactly why the “Here” Anthem is among the best hotel advertisement examples. It shows the feeling of discovery. It is extremely inspirational. And, what’s also very important, this commercial is brilliantly done. The placement is a promotion for the loyalty program but it equally works as a mini love letter to traveling again.

2. Marriott Bonvoy x George Russell - Special Delivery

Why: who doesn’t like a good celebrity endorsement? Marriott does it with a class by employing British Formula One driver George Russell. The result is one of the best hotel advertisement examples in 2023. The video is light-hearted and pleasant to watch, it seems like everyone had a great time shooting it. There’s a pinch of humor too, but not too much. After all, it’s an extra-luxury we’re talking about here and there should be a fine line in advertising such things.

3. Experience The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee - Ritz-Carlton

Why: visuals are everything when it comes to hotel ads. Ritz-Carlton knows it well and produces an irresistible destination-focused video devoted to their beautiful property on Lake Oconee in Georgia. With a running time of 1 minute, it takes you on an all-encompassing tour of the lavish interiors, the lake activities, the pool area, and the fire pits outside. It’s an easy watch that invokes a strong desire to live these kinds of things in real life. And that’s why it’s on our list of top hotel advertisement examples. 

4. Find your perfect somewhere - Hotels.com

Why: here’s a fresh 2023 ad that should be on your must-watch list. It’s not from the lodging itself, it’s the commercial for the booking service Hotels.com. But we’re including it in the list for creativity. The narrator here is the… New York hotel (the place is not named, though). One, the video is a fantastically-crafted piece of hotel advertising. Two, the ad works great at selling a need to book somewhere right away. What else do you need really for the commercial to work? Bravo, Hotels.com. 

5. Dream Vacation - Hilton

Why: it’s not often that you see a beef unfolding in the world of hotel marketing. But here Hilton takes a dig at Airbnb and slays it. The video follows a family that booked a house through the “unnamed rental service” (although the similarities in design reveal it all). The property turns out to be a nightmare. At some point, the little girl sneezes in a room full of creepy dolls and one of them says “gesundheit” in German (because apparently, the scary wooden dolls all speak the language of Goete). Finally, the family decides that they’ve had enough of the rental misery and chooses a clean, tidy Hilton suite. Amazing piece of hotel advertising it is. 

6. Discover This Way – Renaissance Hotels

Why: everything is perfect in this Renaissance Hotels ad. The soundtrack is amazing, the camera work is exceptional, and the pace is dynamic. It promotes the sensation of discovery while staying at a hotel and does it with a bang. Also, we loved the symbolism of it all. The man steps out of his hotel room to find the painted steps leading him through the city to what appears to be a nightclub. In the end, it’s revealed that the Renaissance Hotel employee is the one behind the drawings on the floor. A nice case of hotel escapism.

7. Biggest Performance w/ Brandi Carlile - Hilton

Why: this one gets pretty intimate. It features the American singer-songwriter Grammy-winning sensation Brandi Carlile in the Hilton hotel suite making an impromptu concert for her kids. There’s a slight feeling that we shouldn’t be here at this moment, but nevertheless, we’re allowed to have a peek. Overall, it’s a brilliant use of a celebrity in a commercial, one that doesn’t look forced. Hilton went even further by doing a Connecting Room Concert with Brandi Carlile. What can we say, marketing money very well spent. 

8. Resort Travel - Hilton

Why: Hilton plays with our newly found VR and AR anxieties with this short (just 15 seconds) but punchy ad. The main tagline here is “When you'd rather not resort to a virtual resort, it matters where you stay.” and the video shows a family at home in VR glasses imagining that they are, in fact, in a resort. There’s a happy ending here too, at the end our heroes get to feel the real-life resort and lounge by the pool. Or maybe it’s also a virtual reality? We don’t know. But the ad is nice. 

9. We put your taste in your wedding - Hyatt

Why: although running under 20 seconds, this Hyatt commercial hits all the right sentimental notes. We see two phases of a relationship. In the first segment, a couple is ordering food at a restaurant with the man opting for a taco and the woman choosing the ramen bowl. Flash forward, and our protagonists are in the middle of their wedding profiting from the extensive meal proposition of Hyatt. You can’t help but imagine their love story and maybe even shed a tear at the passing of time. 

10. Suite Talk with Tokimonsta - W Hotels

Why: have an artist in-the-now talk about her hotel experiences and throw some beautiful design details in the mix and you have it. A perfect special project that works perfectly for your brand. The American Grammy-nominated artist Tokimonsta gets us through her favorite things to do in the hotels and the conversation is surprisingly interesting.

11. In Pursuit of Wellness Series: Sleeping Well - IHG

Why: IHG chooses to get serious in their latest hotel ads series that is entitled “In Pursuit of Wellness”. It is a story of a man who can’t fall asleep burdened by the intense daily life in London. He finds peace and solace at a Douro Valley resort in Portugal. It’s a long-form commercial but it feels very relatable and makes you think about your life habits. 

Our Previous List of 11 stunning hotel ads 2022

If you’re in hospitality it’s essential to give your customers a superior experience. Marketing is also one of the fronts to reach this goal. We’re always looking for the most creative things done by the players of various industries. That’s why today Kitcast delivers you the best hotel advertisements. Travel is that segment that nurtures emotions and a good advertisement can get you far. Let’s see the latest genius hotel advertisement examples together.

1. Welcome to Hôtel Hennes - by H&M

Alright, we’re playing a bit here. This is not actually a hotel ad, this is the latest long-form video campaign for Swedish megabrand H&M. Why is it on the list? Because it is a masterful marketing creation that could easily actually be the ad for a hotel, one of the amazing hotel advertisement examples. The fictional one, Hôtel Hennes, seems like a perfect place for fashionistas and hedonists. The story follows the protagonist played by Jill Kortleve who comes (to stay?) at the hotel with a charming Gigi Hadid embarking on a role of a concierge. What follows is an explosive colorful tour filled with H&M clothes, influencers, and models, and an obligatory party at the end. We would definitely want to stay at Hôtel Hennes (although the check is probably quite high if it can afford to have Gigi as concierge). 

2. Where Can We Take You? - by Marriott Bonvoy

1 minute is a tough time span to get an emotional reaction from the audience in our content-overdriven world. The latest campaign by the international chain Marriott Bonvoy definitely makes the most of it with a bang and deserves a place on the list of fantastic hotel advertising examples.

It’s hard to resist the message, the pacing, and the stunning visuals. It is a masterclass in a short-form narration that actually gets you on a deeper level. The ad uses juxtapositioning to impress the viewer and pushes the story forward with narration highlighting the beauties of travel. As much as it is universal in its message, the presence of the Marriott brand is felt throughout the video in hotel interiors as well as the ending that gives you guidance on how to live all these emotions in real life. Of course, by booking with them. Stunning it is.

3. Le Petit Chef - by Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles

This one is not so much about the hotel itself but about a specific feature it offers. Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles has decided to highlight its digital table futuristic offer by having a separate video about it. As you might expect it has many smiling faces in it enjoying their digital dining experience to cheerful funky music. Does it say a word about the new feature? No. It doesn’t have to. It is guaranteed that the viewers will ask themselves: “Why the hell are the tables digital and moving?”. And eventually will google what’s happening there. Isn’t it all about the exposure after all?

4. Suite Talk with Simi & Haze and Architectural Digest - by W Hotels

Everything is perfect in this video crafted by W Hotels. In fact, it’s one of the coolest hotel YouTube initiatives we’ve seen. The formula is genius: take in-the-now influencers (like popular London duo Simi & Haze), partner with an interior design royalty (like Architectural digest), and get the guests nonchalantly talking about their time in Nashville. In order to pull this out you would need to understand the current media landscape and pop culture.

With more than 1m views, W Hotels definitely nailed it with their marketing approach by creating a series of advertising videos without resorting to aggressive advertising and making their interior a background to the interesting guests. A+ for this.  

5. Waitographer - by Hilton

Adding a pinch of humor helps. Although in the case of this campaign by Hilton it’s not entirely clear whether it's some kind of a meta parody or an actual thing. Watch it and you’ll understand what we mean. We had to google “waitographer” and it seems that Hilton wasn’t joking after all. They have actually had a professional photographer come to their hotels and teach their waiters how to use cameras and take better pictures. True or not, it is weird, it is funny and it brings attention to the brand by differentiating it from the others. And such a catchy word as “waitographer” is hard to shake off easily. So win-win for Hilton here, and a cool hotel advertisement example. 

6. Hotel Ad - by SNL

Again, not an actual ad here. It’s an SNL sketch led by fantastic Kate McKinnon and very game Billie Eilish trying extremely hard to contain their laughter and dropping some heavy hotel puns. The reason why it’s on this list is because it truly depicts what 80% of hotel ads look like.

We are a hotel. We have soap. We have breakfast. Stay with us.

Don’t be that hotel, use creativity for your marketing campaigns. 

7. Secret Socials with Hilton : Kylie x Years & Years' Olly Alexander surprise intimate performance - by Hilton

Hilton righteously takes the second mention on our list. What can we do, this brand surely knows a thing or two about online marketing. In this project, they united Years and Years frontman and actor Olly Alexander with Kylie Minogue at… you guessed it, a Hilton hotel. It’s the classic “live performance for YouTube” format adapted to the hotel ad campaign and followed by a brief conversation between two superstars surrounded by the beautiful interiors of Hilton hotel. 

8. Welcome to Radisson | Simply Delightful - by Radisson

It’s all the audience in the end. Radisson plays a safe card with their latest brand ad. But it’s more than enough considering the people it caters to that are certainly not the TikTok generation. A balanced video with amazing use of visuals and music will do. That’s why it is among the best hotel advertisement examples. Just be sure to take the attention of the viewer up to the last second.

9. Dua Lipa On-Set Behind the Scenes of New Rules - by Hyatt

Okay, not every hotel can have Dua Lipa film a video clip inside. But it’s not really about that. It’s about using the star power to drive your own brand’s image. Hyatt expertly shows how it’s done by letting a star (Dua Lipa in this case) do all the talking. This way the focus is shifted to the celebrity but we as viewers understand the power of Hyatt as a place that drew her to film there in the first place. Don’t boast, be genuine, and show power without showing off. And bet on the right people. That’s why it’s easily among the best hotel advertisements. 

10. Feel the Beat of the City with Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans - by Four Seasons

Hotels are all about the destinations they are in. There are many destination-focused ads but they rarely score high because of their repetitiveness and boringness. Not the latest series of Four Seasons though. The brand manages to tie together all the destination perks and the place of their hotel among them resulting in an actually enjoyable tourist video that immediately brings you into the New Orleans mood. 

11. Kempinski Hotels - Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol Jochberg Kitzbühel - Kempinski

If you’re in the luxury segment all the marketing you do should exude class. This is the case of the latest Kempinski ad campaign highlighting the hotels in some of the most stunning locations in the world. It’s neutral but extremely beautiful. Just like a good ad should be. 

Our Previous List of 11 stunning hotel ads

11 stunning hotel ads - hotel advertisement examples

1. “Travel with purpose” from Hilton

It is heartwarming to see big corporations care about the planet and the environment. It is also refreshing to see such a big brand as Hilton building their brand message on a determination to do business responsibly. "Travel with purpose" is the message of their hotel ad and it's something you won't see from any other big hotel chain. 

Is it bold? Absolutely. Instead of focusing on the luxury it can give to the visitors, Hilton chooses to highlight the things it does to cut its environmental footprint and announcing the zero soap to landfill policy. That is a great example for other big players on the market and ultimately a good, conscious ad for Hilton. 

2. “Live Limitless” from Accor 

Usually, there are two ways of making a hotel ad: you can either show how good your place is or you can choose to show your brand's philosophy. The second is harder to execute and more ephemeral to catch. Nevertheless, Accor does a great job articulating their message: "Live Limitless". And this hotel ad definitely works. 

Its pace is rapid just as our ever-changing world. Its narrative is inspiring and authoritative. Its quality is top-notch. This hotel ad has everything it takes to be called one of the best in the industry. So our hat is off. 

3. “Travels with a sense of purpose” from Aman

The meditative drums take you on a spiritual journey through the exciting Indian subcontinent in this beautiful video, the Aman Resorts hotel ads, the luxury hotel chain from New Delhi. This hotel ad promotes the "Travels with a sense of purpose" series of accommodation propositions of Aman and it does it in class. Because can you really resist the fantastic splendidness of Indian nature and culture? We can't and this hotel ad checks all the right boxes when it comes to teasing your adventurous senses.

4. “Welcome to the wonderful world of Belmond” from Belmond

We love it when the cinematic approach is on in the advertising. That's exactly what you see in Welcome to The Wonderful World of Belmond, the recent ad from the London-headquartered luxury hotel chain. In mere 2:31 minutes, the creatives behind the video were able to provide you with a short film experience of what staying in Belmond feels like.

Even though it has a strong Wes Andersonian vibe to it meaning that at times it is borderline surreal, this is a beauty of it. Instead of producing a boring "here's our amazing bar" video, the company went for a tasteful and slightly fictionalized hotel tale that instantly gets you in a mood of booking your Belmond stay as soon as possible. 

5. "Our Business is You" from Choice Hotels

It's not always about luxury. Budget travelers deserve a good ad for them too. So here comes the "Our Business is You" from Choice Hotels. First thing's first, the music. Choosing "Harmony Hall" from Vampire Weekend as the background track is an amazing move and we've been already sold from the first notes. We still stayed for a simple and heartfelt video that has a clear message and great execution.

6. "Let your mind travel" from Mariott

The ad of Mariott is exactly how you imagine a commercial from one of the largest chains in the world: imaginative, bold and beautiful. People are flying there. And they do it to the awesome rendition of 1971 Willy Wonka's "Pure Imagination". Of course, all the flying takes place in Mariott and the main message is: "Let your mind travel". Now that's a lesson in class and minimalism that works perfectly.

7. "A Wonderful Place to Wander" from Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels may not be a big hotel chain, their current property count is 24 in the US and Canada. Nevertheless, advertising-wise it is in the big league. Just look at their "A Wonderful Place to Wander" commercial. Defined by the Instagrammy, polaroidy colors, it shows you why Loews is the hotel choice you should make. Game of words "wonder/wander" accompanies your journey through the exciting world of places where you can find Loews Hotels and activities you can do there.  

8. "I'm a fan of" from Mandarin Oriental

Have you seen that Rami Malik ad? The one that was dubbed "creepy" by the Internet almighty, has been made into countless memes, Twitter exchanges and pop culture articles. It was for Mandarin Oriental and we absolutely love it. Because not every hotel ad gets to be a cultural phenomenon. Although in Malik's case, it was rather controversial publicity, still the majority of commentators talked about it with praise of Bohemian Rhapsody's star and the "creepiness" was that with the adjective "charming". So it's a score for Mandarin Oriental. 

Be sure to also check their other videos from "I'm a fan of" series, it is a gold mine of classy celebrities with the likes of Christoph Waltz and Helen Mirren. 

9. "Welcome to the Show" - Hotel Ads by MGM Resorts

Not many hotels can pull off the same trick as MGM Resorts. Not many hotels are the iconic entertainment venues that were featured in many movies, TV shows and are well-known all around the world. That's precisely why MGM's hotel ad is so cool. They know who they are and they show you. "We are not in the hotel business. We're in the holy s*** business." Nothing to add here.

10. "Heart. Felt" from Oberoi

Even if you haven't been planning to visit India and staying at the luxurious hotels there, after that hotel ad of Oberoi you're much closer to booking this trip. The ad is beautiful and inspiring, talking directly to the adventure buff inside of you and showing you how to explore this country in style with the Oberoi hotel proposition. 

Also, it's a great example of a hotel using its location for its own benefit. Many hotels can use that in their hotel ads to craft better and more visually rich ads. 

11. "Every Moment Matters" from Radisson

The last from the our hotel ads TOP-list

Every moment matters in the "Every Moment Matters" ad from Radisson. Every detail of this 0:48 video is important and perfectly broadcasts the main brand message. Shot after shot the ad unveils why you should choose this hotel chain and why it's a better choice. What makes it work is the fact that the narrator talks about you and gives you exactly what you would expect from such a well-known brand as Radisson.

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