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How to Nail Elevator Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 30, 2022
May 29, 2024

Yes, there’s such a thing as elevator digital signage. And while it may sound like it’s not that big of a deal, the ways you can boost a direct engagement with this kind of tool is pure magic. Of course, as every solution elevator digital signage needs careful planning and great execution. But once you’ve got it figured out, you’re getting a powerful interactive technology that brings more sales.

Why would you want to use digital signage for the elevator?

Lifts have an exciting and colorful history. The first-ever idea of taking people up with the use of some kind of technology dates to 236 BC. And while it may sound like a joke, it was the Roman architect Vitruvius who built a prototype of the elevator that was carrying a person up with the help of ropes. 

As humans are lazy creatures, the concept of a lift has been thought about many times since that. It was the Industrial Era that gave us the machine that actually resembled the one we’re using now. The first electric elevator was designed in Germany in 1880. 

But enough with the historic trivia, we’re here to talk about the elevator digital signage. What’s that beast? Why you should absolutely think of adding it if you’re operating a lift? 

You see, an elevator is a very narrow, intimate space. Usually, the trip doesn’t last more than a few minutes (depending on the technology and the number of floors). With the average attention span calculated in seconds, sometimes it’s all you need to get people interested in something, to sell, to promote, and to interact. 

That’s precisely why the lift is the ideal space for deploying the screen. 

Let’s put it in simple terms. Without the elevator digital signage display, you’re getting nothing out of this space and you’re missing out on opportunities. Now with the signage technology installed, it’s a whole different story. You’re getting a powerful marketing tool that you can adapt to the interests of your audience and engage with them more effectively. 

Wouldn’t you want that to grow your business?

Who can use the elevator digital signage system?

It’s pretty straightforward here: if your business has an elevator, digital signage is an option. 

This can be a shopping mall, a multi-storied retail shop, a hotel, a megaresort, or even a cruise ship. In each case, you can confidently add the power of digital to your elevator experience and reap the benefits.

Example: doing elevator digital signage at a resort

Let’s have an example. You have a resort, the building has 25 floors, and there are four elevators. 

You start by equipping each elevator with a screen. The smaller elevators can use smaller screens, the larger ones can host bigger ones.

In a case of a resort, the best digital signage strategy would be the promotion of the additional services that guests can purchase inside. You can use the screens to: 

- highlight the restaurant menu

- showcase special excursions

- promote room upgrades

- disseminate important information

- show fun and cheerful content about the destination

- enhance your branding 

- ask for feedback 

- promoting sustainability 

As you can see one screen can make all the difference when you use it according to a well-crafted marketing strategy. 

And that’s the beauty of it. This example was about the hospitality industry, but elevators are found in many different kinds of businesses. Each case is specific, and each case would require a tailored approach to content. But in each instance, the elevator digital signage would extend your reach and ameliorate the way you engage.

I want a screen in the elevator, where do I begin?

It’s super easy to start your signage technology journey. 

You would need several elements: 

- the screen 

- the Apple TV

- the software 

Kitcast is your best pick for digital signage software for Apple TV that will turn your screen into a powerful marketing device. 

Once you connected the screen to your Apple TV box, go to the AppStore and download the Kitcast app. Follow the simple instructions to link the screen with the app. That’s it. That’s really that simple. 

And you can try it right now without any cost. Use our Free Trial option (you don’t need a credit card for that).

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