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"We're really focusing on anonymizing the data": Joe Hasenzahl on visual recognition.

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 5, 2019
May 29, 2024

We continue publishing excerpts from our set of DSSE interviews as a part of the digital signage podcast series. From challenges to the most intriguing discoveries - computer visual recognition proves to be one of the most promising technologies. However, like any other software that uses big data and personal information, visual recognition faces two main issues: compliance with laws and security. We asked Joe Hasenzahl, Director of Advanced Retail Solutions issues mentioned above technology solves the aforementioned issues.

"It has to be compliant. If you're bored, you can't sleep, you should read the GDPR documentation. I'm not a lawyer, but when I read it, it seems clearly targeted at more online, e-commerce things, because there's s person associated with the data. If we do this correctly, we're not capturing personal data from the people we are monitoring. I know it sounds super creepy, but that's not our intention. We're really focusing on anonymizing the data, so it doesn't become an issue. It's some things like a matter of trust that makes consumers nervous because this technology does. 

So we're staying away from facial detection. What else can we work on? We go back and forth with conversations about mobile. Is it helpful? Is it harmful? Are we collecting truly anonymous data? And we're one step behind software developers, who are continually trying to make sure that the personal information on mobile stays personal."

Listen to the full podcast interview with Joe Hasenzahl to learn how visual recognition in digital signage creates new marketing possibilities and allows any business to understand its audience at last:

Kitcast Podcast feat DynaScan – Episode 7 – What About Visual Recognition Tech?

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