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How Digitalization is Influencing the Hospitality Industry

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 20, 2023
May 29, 2024

In this article, we’d like to talk about the digitalization in hospitality industry. It’s arguably the most important part of any hotel experience nowadays and it’s exciting. Screens are not a rarity today and within the hospitality space, they are fulfilling many cool tasks. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of digitalization on the hospitality industry and see some awesome examples of how digital signage for hospitality is used.

Travel and digitalization

People want to travel. This activity is one of the most beloved ones and is diversified too. Leisure and business, family reunions and honeymoons, on a budget or luxury. There are just so many ways and reasons humans travel nowadays. In 2020 this was put to a test. 

To understand digitalization in hospitality industry today, it’s important to see the lessons taught by the COVID-19 pandemic. Just a few years ago the world completely stopped and hotels became empty for the first time in many decades. That prompted thinking within the industry on ways to deal with such a situation on one hand and how to mitigate the risks in the future. 

While we’ve seen many exciting digital signage projects within the hotel space before 2020, it’s the pandemic that catalyzed the process of digital transformation. Screens became a lifeline for accommodations fighting for survival. As we’ve left the most dreadful part of the pandemic behind, the newly refurbished hotels are here to stay. And it’s a great thing.

Designing the 360-degree digital experience

When one thinks about the digitalization in hospitality industry, it’s always about the screens. But it’s not about the standalone display showing ads in the lobby, it’s about the whole digital experience. 

Hotels are creating thrilling projects inside and outside the premises to enhance the customer experience. It’s a journey, a screen-enabled upgrade of a classic hotel stay.  

Here are the reasons hotels are turning to digitalization in 2023: 

- driving revenue

Sales are important. And digital signage is there to guarantee them. Screens allow hotels to create a state-of-the-art advertising network, upsell better, broadcast special propositions and promotions, and pair the process of advertising with the interactive element. 

- improving the customer experience 

There are so many ways to keep a guest happy. Screens work hard to ensure satisfaction to. They are the visual spectacle in the hotel advantages mix, facilitate wayfinding, make the check-in process effortless, and upgrade the purchasing experience. 

- enhancing branding

Big and small hotel chains love branding. Digital signage allows them to master it through the more engaging, more interactive realm. 

- bringing customization 

In-room digital signage is also a thing and it’s actively employed by the hotels worldwide to make the visitor’s stay better.

Digitalization in hospitality industry: step-by-step examples

Let’s imagine a hotel that has been given a full digital signage makeover and make a walk-through with a step-by-step analysis of the features that were added. 


What: As the guests enter the lobby they are greeted by a big screen that invited them to check in. 

Why: such a screen allows hotels to reduce waiting times for the check-in process and improve overall satisfaction with the services. 

Add-ons: it can also double as a wayfinding tool and an interactive informational kiosk providing all the information about the hotel. 

Restaurant and Bar

What: digital menu boards and wall screens 

Why: digital menu boards are amazing for driving sales, promoting special menu propositions, and providing more visually appealing images and videos of the meals and drinks served. On the other hand, the wall screens can either be used for promotional purposes or can be a visual prolongation of the restaurant design and create a special atmosphere.

Add-ons: asking for feedback using the screens at the end of the guests’ visit


What: outdoor displays, LED boards, impressive installations

Why: when the hotel operates in a highly competitive environment like Las Vegas, Cancun, or NYC, it’s important to stand out to win the competition. Custom-built outdoor digital solutions definitely help with that. Gigantic LED screens, 3D billboards, holograms, spectacular light show, etc. There are many ways to impress. 

Add-ons: regular advertising 

Hotel premises

What: wayfinding screens 

Why: no matter how big is the hotel, wayfinding is always a great idea to ensure that guests have a smooth experience and know exactly where to go. Screens allow to digitalize this process and there’s no better way to do it at the moment than the digital signage. 

Add-ons: promote special propositions using the wayfinding screens

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