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Digital Signs for Churches: Best Practices and Ideas

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 14, 2022
May 29, 2024

Digital signs for churches became a very important topic in 2022. As more and more houses of worship add a technological edge to the traditional way of doing things, the question arises: how do you do the church digital signs properly? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Church digital signs as a communication tool

Across the centuries, churches have had an important role in the community. And from day one it was about the communication, about getting the message across. Even if you look at the classic church icons, as exquisite and masterfully made they may be, it’s always about telling the story. 

The 21st century sees churches adapting to rapid technological development. As almost everyone that visits the house of worship uses a smartphone now and is very familiar with the digital space, it pays off to transform in order to ensure better engagement. Digital signs for churches are at the forefront of this change. 

One of the greatest advantages they give to the houses of worship is the chance to elevate the message, make it more visual, and capture the attention of the visitors. They are a very modern and flexible way to interact and it’s a great feature when we are talking about such a community-oriented thing as a church service. 

What are the types of digital church signs?

Usually, the most important categorization would be dividing the digital signs for churches into indoor and outdoor ones.

Indoor digital signage exists within the building of a church. It can be the screens next to the entrance, big video walls, interactive displays inside the halls, etc. 

Outdoor signs are another popular way to update the churchgoing experience. These can be digital billboards, outdoor screens at the entrance, road signs, etc. 

In order to amplify the power of church digital signage, it is important to diversify the content that is shown according to the placement of the screen and the desired message to be conveyed. 

For example, the outdoor display next to the entrance can serve a purely informational purpose by announcing the events, informing the masses, and providing health-related information. On the other hand, the indoor one (in the hall) shouldn’t do the same. It is a different area, and it should be used differently content-wise.

Best practices and ideas for church digital signage

Remember, digital signage is there to make the experience better. Always keep that in mind when thinking about the content to put in front of the audience. For churches, it always should be with the community in mind. 

Before creating any kind of digital signs, spend some time understanding what people would like to see and how it can ameliorate their visit to the church. 

The most popular content choices for the houses of worship are the following: 

a) showing important announcements 

It’s the basic content type for churches and the most straightforward one. Use the screens to inform the community about the events, services, milestones, and mass times. While it may sound simple, when it is all organized with the help of display technology it takes the experience to new heights. 

b) recognition

Thank sponsors, recognize the biggest donors and celebrate the achievements of the community. Show that you are well-connected and thankful.

c) improving the mass experience

The practicalities of this digital signage content idea depend on the church and the congregation, but the screens can make a difference in the way the masses are done. You can broadcast the words of the sermons and song lyrics, use displays to create a special atmosphere, show relevant visuals, and achieve a better immersion effect. 

d) transform fundraising 

This is one of the most powerful traits of digital signage for churches. You can use screens to change the process of fundraising completely. Broadcast effective call-to-actions, add QR codes to facilitate the transactions, and make the process of donating easier. 

e) better marketing 

Long gone are the times of promotional leaflets, brochures, and expensive static billboard ads. Today it’s all about digital marketing and it’s also relevant for churches that would like to expand their reach and congregation. Use screens to promote better, grow your social media accounts, and interact with your visitors directly.

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