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The Easiest Way to Start Using Digital Signage with Apple TV

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 22, 2021
May 29, 2024

It’s time to get the most from using digital signage with Apple TV. You have an opportunity to have all the power of a cloud for the benefit of your business. Let’s go through the ways you can start with display technology right now.

Today there are a big variety of tools that can be used to grow your company and bring more sales. One of them is digital signage - a technology that allows you to utilize the screens and take content marketing to the next level. It is the ultimate way to boost your visual marketing efforts and win the attention of your customers. However, it is essential to choose the right option that works perfectly for the needs of your business. 

There are many different types of digital signage out there. It is a technology that constantly evolves. So do the developers and providers. Our solution, Kitcast is representative of a new generation of signage technology solutions. We offer digital signage using Apple TV. Let’s get to the practicalities. 

Why Apple TV digital signage? 

The tiny device called Apple TV has changed the way we interact with screens when it was introduced. This digital player opened new opportunities for software developers and Kitcast saw a great chance to disrupt the digital signage industry. 

That’s how our state-of-art software came to be, we had combined the simplicity and power of Apple TV with the years of signage technology know-how having created a versatile tool fit for purposes of both small, medium and even the enterprise-level organizations worldwide. 

Our solution has everything a business needs to start creating and showing the top-notch content at the highest quality. Kitcast is a cloud-based digital signage solution and that means that you will not have to spend hours configuring stuff and getting lost in numerous cables. Complicated display technology is a thing of the past, we offer an easy-to-use and intuitive solution that is on the user's side. 

How to implement Apple TV digital signage

The process is very straightforward and simple. 

1) plug Apple TV to your screen 

2) install Kitcast app from the App Store

3) go through a short onboarding process

4) you’re good to go creating the fantastic content using the power of our software

We are the adepts of plug-and-play philosophy and can’t think of a better way to win trust of the users. Digital signage solutions should be friendly and simple yet flexible and powerful. This is exactly what you’re getting with Kitcast. The software you can rely on created by people that are enthusiasts of their craft. 

What about the content

Marketing today requires awesome content. By awesome we mean the kind of content that makes the eyes roll and instantly captures the attention. The one that entertains or informs. 

To succeed in content marketing using digital signage with Apple TV you have to carefully study your audience, discover who are the people you’re showing your content to. Only after thorough analysis, the marketing will work. 

As digital signage is a very visual tool, it is perfect for content marketing. Also, it gives you almost unlimited capabilities to get your images and videos in front of the audience, boost engagement, drive sales and improve communication. However, the mere presence of the screens is no guarantee for the success of your marketing. The combination of the power of technology and the informed marketing will do the magic.

So make sure that you do all the strategy homework before opting in for full-fledged content marketing using digital signage with Apple TV. 

Let’s review some examples of Apple TV digital signage 

Example 1 - Retail 

You can create a digital signage ecosystem at your retail store by installing screens along your premises at the places where people are looking. 

With the digital signage implemented you can run promotional campaigns, advertise special propositions, ensure that the social distancing requirements are met, entertain and provide wayfinding. All with using only Kitcast and Apple TV. 

Example 2 - College

You can revamp the educational experience at your college by installing screens and creating a digital signage framework across the campuses. 

Content-wise you’ll have unlimited opportunities to show the information students would like to see. Screens will allow you to provide clear wayfinding, run important announcements and alerts, create promotions, advertise special propositions and gather feedback from the students. 


How can I create content using digital signage Apple TV?

You can either import your own or use our great content creator with many templates that can satisfy all your marketing needs. 

How expensive is digital signage?

It all depends on the needs of your business and your content goals. You can use our pricing tool (https://kitcast.tv/digital-signage-pricing/) to count the costs. 

Should I have special technical knowledge to use digital signage?

Kitcast is an intuitive and user-friendly tool so it doesn’t require any special knowledge to use. 

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