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Top Digital Signage Widgets to Use

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 21, 2022
May 29, 2024

When you just start your digital signage journey all the possibilities this technology has to offer may be overwhelming. But don’t worry, Kitcast has you covered. In this article, we’ve collected the top digital signage widgets to use. Learn more about what each of them can do and how your business or organization can profit from such a technology.

What are the widgets for digital signage?

To enable the functioning of the digital signage network you would require special software. It will control all the screens and allow you to have a kind of command center to track, manage, launch, disable, etc. The software serves as the brain of the system and is extremely important for its healthy functioning of it as a whole. 

In order to make this article more practical we’ll show you the principle of work of digital signage widgets using our very own Kitcast. It is one of the best choices for signage technology for Apple TV and the widgets are an integral part of how we designed our application. 

So upon entering the Kitcast Dashboard you will have a wide choice of options to choose from. Welcome to the digital signage widgets realm.

If Kitcast is the mother application, the widgets are the smaller offsprings. They are separate applications that fulfill specific functions. For example, a weather forecast widget only shows the weather, and you can choose whether to enable it or not using the larger Kitcast interface.

In other words, digital signage apps and content widgets are extensions that are created to make the user’s life simpler and to extend the functionality of the mother software. They give users more flexibility and expand the content possibilities. 

To sum it up, digital signage widgets are awesome and they are an integral part of any self-respecting software.

How to decide which digital signage content widgets to use?

One of the beautiful things about signage technology is limitlessness. You are free to show whatever you want and whenever you want. It’s more a question of what widgets your software supports than which widgets to use. 

You see, when you are deploying such a tool as digital signage, it’s very important to know exactly why you’re doing that, who you’ll show content to, and what kind of content you’re planning to display. As an extension of marketing and a powerful communication instrument, it requires thorough preparation and a strategic approach to execution. 

So our advice here would be for you to plan it all out carefully. Every digital signage software states which widgets are available for the user. 

For example, if your content plan requires experiential digital signage, the traditional cloud-based solutions won’t work because you’d require a custom-based approach. On the other hand, if it’s the animated background you’re planning to broadcast, almost every single software on the market will be able to do that. 

So know your content and know what you want from your software to choose right.

What digital signage widgets are available with Kitcast?

We have all the necessary tools for almost every kind of digital signage need you may have. We constantly update the capabilities of our software and strive to be the one-stop-shop solution for content broadcasting. 

Here are the widgets you’re getting with Kitcast: 

- Photo slideshows

- Video showreels

- Document highlighting

- Photo Wall

- Video Stream

- Sale Showcase

- Menu Board

- Directory builder 

- Working Hours

- Animated Backgrounds

- Floor Plan 

- Stock Images

- Free Fonts

- Stickers / Shapes

Social media integration widgets are included

One of the most in-demand features of any present-day digital signage is effective social media integration. You’ve got it with Kitcast. We have several widgets that will allow you to always stay social. Use these widgets to interact with the customers, promote your channels, and gather feedback. 

The difference between this widget group and the previous one is that the majority of widgets here are third-party ones, meaning that they were not designed by Kitcast. 

You’ve got such features as: 

- Instagram Feed

- Twitter Feed

- Yelp Reviews

- TripAdvisor Reviews

- Google Calendar

- Weather Forecast

- News Feed


- World Clock

- Facebook Groups

- Quotes

Make the most of your digital signage by going with the best in the market. Choose Kitcast for smooth performance and awesome widgets.

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