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<strong>Making Digital Signage for Schools: 2023 Guide</strong>

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 17, 2022
May 29, 2024

There are various approaches to making digital signage for schools. It always depends on the size, the needs, the technological capabilities, and the desired results. Still, there are the best practices on how to organize screen technology in the most beneficial way. In this article, we’d like to review the top options for digital signage in schools for 2023 and show you what kinds of content you can employ to get the most out of this system.

Where to start with options for digital signage in schools

Adding new technology to an existing organizational structure may be a challenge. But with intuitive, easy-to-use solutions like Kitcast schools don’t have to worry about the complexity. It’s very straightforward and doesn’t require specific IT skills. 

With us, you’re getting a slick, simple, and powerful tool that is going to positively impact the way you communicate and engage with the students. The deployment process won’t take you more than 10 minutes and you’ll be able to start showing great content right away. 

To launch digital signage systems for schools with Kitcast you would only need screens, streaming boxes connected to screens (like Apple TV), and the app installed. The rest is our experience-powered cloud-based digital signage magic. 

However, if the choice of software is one thing, choosing what to run through this software is a whole different thing to think through. 

We’ve written about content types for school digital signage before. You can check it out here

However, as 2023 is coming, it’s time to reassess what can be shown and give you new cool approaches to running digital signage widgets for schools. There are just so many awesome things you can do with school screen technology.

What are the advantages of digital signage systems for schools?

First and foremost - you’re getting a whole new way to communicate with the students. 

That’s the biggest advantage of display technology. It’s the 21st century and students are familiar with the screens, they form an integral part of their lifestyle. 

For schools to keep up with the changing digital landscape it’s essential to adapt to it, deploy new solutions, and talk with students using the language they know, love, and understand. 

That is when digital signage comes into play. Not only do you transform the engagement mechanism within your school, but you’re also saving money on print, getting a tool to show stunning content, and taking communication to the next qualitative level. Isn’t it what a great school should do?

Here are the best digital signage content types you can use at your school


The sky is the limit when it comes to making sure everyone knows where to go. Screens help your student orient themselves around the premises. 

But it’s not only about the directions. Displays can show if the room is occupied, can inform about the booking times for the halls that should be booked on previous notice, and can help teachers know where their lesson is taking place.

Digital menu boards at a cafeteria

That completely changes the way you interact with students in a canteen. Digital menu boards are a great way to digitize the ordering process, promote special offers, and do proper queue management.

Enhanced security

School security matters. Screens make sure that all the alerts are shown, everyone is informed in case of an emergency and the backup plan is always respected. It’s an indispensable tool for any modern school today.

Motivational messaging

It should be cheerful and uplifting during the studies. That’s why extra motivation never hurts. Digital signage systems for schools allows you to show special quotes, share stories, and run positive content in a visual way.

Collective creation facilitation

Many schools employ hybrid teaching techniques that involve merging online and offline teaching and creating. The screens serve as a bridge between these two worlds and make sure that the studying is done according to the program.

Event announcements

Forget the flyers, leaflets, and printed materials. Not only does it cost money to get them out, but they are also bad for the environment. Revolutionize the event announcement system with the screens. You don’t have to spend time printing, just put it on display for everyone to see. 

Sharing the school news

Keep students, parents, and teachers updated by using screens for news sharing. It will create a great atmosphere at your school, will be used for promoting special occasions, and recognizing the best of the best.

Digital signage weather feeds for schools

A live weather widget is a simple thing to do, and it looks awesome inside the school. Show the current weather, run forecasts, and broadcast various weather-related information. Students and teachers will definitely appreciate it.

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