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What is a Digital Signage System and How it Works

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 7, 2021
May 29, 2024

Setting up a digital signage system is a great way to boost your marketing and drive more sales. This tool allows you to catalyze the impact of your content and create a much better engagement with your customers. Let’s have a closer look at how it works. 

If you’ve found this article, it’s highly probable that you’re on the lookout for new solutions that can improve your business or organization. Great pick, by the way. You’re looking in the right direction. With the onset of pandemic and negative impact on the economies around the world, winning the competition became more difficult. It’s time to apply new, innovative options. The great news is, cloud digital signage system is one of them. 

What is a digital signage system?

Without further ado, a smart digital signage system is a set of elements that allow you to show content using screen technology. 

It is an essential part of a marketing strategy of a forward-looking business. Digital signage is a dynamic technology that turns screens into interactive content boards. It has steadily conquered the market replacing the obsolete and pricey static signage. 

With display solutions, your creativity is untied and you can unleash the visual power of the screens to level up the ways you interact with your audience. 

Why is signage technology the future?

It’s quite weird to ask this question at this point when thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide have already been using this technology for years, but here we are. It’s important to emphasize the impact of adding dynamic signage to your marketing and communications plan. 

Attention span is ridiculously short nowadays. For businesses, it means that they have less opportunity to sell. So it’s essential to find ways to win over this attention. Digital signage is this solution. Its visual power combined with audience-specific content does magic. Not only does it capture the attention but it also invokes an emotive response. Additionally, when done right, it can nurture trust, bring positive emotions, motivate, gather feedback and promote what needs to be promoted. 

Another great advantage of going digital is saving money on print. With static signage, you constantly have to worry about changing out the signs. Also, if you have a paper-based corporate communication approach (with leaflets, informational material) that too requires investment. Digital signage eliminates this problem altogether giving you a much more flexible and ecology-friendly tool. And you can combine different content as well as experiment with various types at no additional cost. That is the flexibility every business or organization needs. 

How to install a digital signage system?

Although it may sound very techy and complicated, in reality, it’s very easy. With the right solutions of course. 

Let’s say you have decided to start with digital signage, what should you do next? It’s time to choose the best digital signage system on the market. In order to opt for the right combination, you would require 3 things: the screens, the software and the device linking software to screens. 

At Kitcast we pride ourselves as one of the best cloud-based digital signage for Apple TV in the world. It’s validated by numerous satisfied customers and frequent media mentions. Our approach to digital signage is based on these pillars: 

  • Simplicity
  • Powerfulness 
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability 
  • Security 

With Kitcast you don’t have to worry about all the hard tech things, our software does it all for you, it’s all plug-and-play. To start using digital signage you will only need to walk through 3 steps. Let’s see how to make it work. 

How does the digital signage system work?

When looking for the best signage technology provider it’s very easy to lose yourself to many options on the market. In the case of our app, it’s all very straightforward. Starting with digital signage using Kitcast requires only 3 steps: 

  1. Plug your hardware device, for example - an Apple TV to your screen 
  2. Download Kitcast digital signage app in the App Store and install the app
  3. Follow the app instructions to link your screen and start using digital signage

Yes, it’s this simple. No need for hundreds of cables, a separate IT team, servers and constant technology-related headaches. We offer an all-in-one approach to creating the best digital signage network. 

Why does simplicity matter? Because it’s the 21st century and the solutions should be intuitive. We believe in that. The user shouldn’t have to worry about the “how it works” aspect and should focus entirely on the “how to amaze customers with stunning content” part. 

Talking about the content, Kitcast has an awesome content maker within the app so you can be sure that there are tons of ideas for you to engage with the audience. We offer widgets, design templates, fonts, everything that makes your life designing easier. You just choose the template you like, adapt it to your branding and voila, the digital signage is ready. 

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