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Best Digital Signage Kiosk Examples In 2023

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 24, 2023
May 29, 2024

Currently, all the innovation in the industry lies with digital signage kiosks. It’s the highest point that the technology has, the ultimate interaction unit. A digital signage kiosk is a very adaptable concept and uses the powers of other technologies like AI, AR, and VR. The results usually look like a futuristic Blade Runner-meets-Star Wars reality. Let’s see the coolest examples of kiosk digital signage in 2023, there definitely were some outstanding ones.

1. Sentry Tower 3-in-1 kiosk

Why: it’s a commercial proposition but we absolutely love the concept here. Sentry Tower is a digital signage kiosk packed with every new-era technological feature a company or organization requires to impress visitors and interact with them on a new level. It’s an amazing testament to the communicational powers of digital signage combining the AI receptionist, the check-in system, and the digital interaction tool. That’s why it’s on our list of the best digital signage kiosks of 2023.

2. Robot-server at Kura Sushi, Detroit

Why: interactive digital signage kiosk is not necessarily a fixed one. How about a robot with a screen wheeling around the sushi restaurant taking the orders and serving them too? How is this for a new level of customer engagement using the digital signage kiosks? The future is already here and Detroit-based Kura Sushi proves it. They have recently introduced this cute robot server and many other restaurants across the country are following suit.

3. Self-checkout kiosks and smart stores of Cantaloupe

Why: self-service kiosks in 2023 simply can’t go without digital signage technology. Cantaloupe has presented a slick line of smart stores that combine the convenience of the good old self-service with beautiful screen tech. There’s also a Smart Café product that combines AI with the visual capabilities of the display.

4. PizzaForno

Why: a fully automated digital signage-powered pizzeria? Say no more. That’s exactly how you do innovation in the restaurant sector. PizzaForno is a 24/7 self-service outdoor digital signage kiosk that happens to also make a delicious pizza. You choose the ingredients on the display and watch as the mesmerizing robotic cooking unfolds in front of your eyes. Some may see a utopian future here, we see a great usage of a digital signage kiosk concept.

5. Blendid Kiosk Smoothie automated kiosk

Why: who would have thought that humanity will come to an automated smoothie? But here we are with Blendid coming up with a self-service digital signage smoothie-making kiosk and raising millions in investment in the process. Flawlessly done, the unit is stylish and does its job of crashing and munching fruits perfectly. What else do you need really for a refreshing sip?

6. Art-creating AI-powered talking vending machine at Rundle Place, Australia

Why: now this is something really unique. A collaboration between the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning and artists Dave Court and James Brown, the unit with a fitting name ARTofficial Truth Machine ATM-001 is a vending machine. But there’s a catch. It “talks” with visitors using the AI module and generates art based on the conversation it had. Sounds like a plot of some sci-fi movie but here we are in 2023 with Perth leading the conversation vending machine race. 

This project is a fantastic example of the creative approach to designing a digital signage kiosk and a perfect addition to the Rundle Place retail proposition. We would love to see more initiatives like that around the world that use AI and art to create value in the retail industry.

7. Fully digital restaurant by Chopt

Why: we’re rapidly going toward a fully-automated, waiter-free, digital restaurant future. Some are already there. Take the new Manhattan address of the popular salad fast food chain Chopt. The company introduced a fully independent screens-driven space where everything is enabled by interactive kiosks. No personnel, just you and the displays. As a digital signage company ourselves we can’t help but applaud such a boldness in approach to designing a customer experience. When the location is as vibrant as Manhattan, such a choice definitely pays off. 

The concept is a full-circle one where the digital medium is the only medium that customers have to interact with. There’s also an app that allows you to track the order.

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