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Digital Signage as the Current Trend in Retail Banking

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 21, 2022
May 29, 2024

Digital signage in retail banking is a great way to bring positive changes to your customer experience. With screens, you will be able to boost engagement and increase trust. Discover the latest trends of this great technological solution in our article. 

Sometimes banking can be quite burdensome. All these queues, boring branches, long waiting times. There are institutions that care about the customer experience and then there are those that don’t, always keeping the status quo unchallenged. Don’t be the second type, opt for new tech solutions to make visiting your branch a highly positive experience

Digital signage for retail banking is the ultimate tool to transform your branch, give it new colors, and take it to the next level of interaction. It’s a competitive advantage that is absolutely essential in these uneven times of pandemics and major crises giving you flexibility.

Taking outdoors to the next level

Make your branch stand out by adding the window digital screens. They will instantly capture the attention of on-goers and bring you potential clients. 

How does it work in practice?

You select a good, commercial display and install it in the window of your banking branch. Then you connect Apple TV to a screen and install a cloud-based digital signage software (like Kitcast). After an easy onboarding process, you’re ready to show wonderful content. All the management can be done remotely using a dashboard. 

As for the content, there’s no limit to your creativity. When it comes to the outdoor displays, the main objective marketing-wise would be to win the attention of the potential customers. To do that you can show such types of content: 

  • Brand videos introducing your retail banking institution 
  • Promotional videos and images highlighting special propositions, programs and specific plans
  • Call-to-action content promoting the social media channels of the bank 

One of the cool things about digital signage in retail banking is that you have the ability to show all these types of content at once, the screen always does the job right. 

In-branch digital signage that sells

As we’ve seen the power of the outdoors, now it’s time to get inside. No matter how big your branch is, digital signage would work perfectly for any size. You can also manage an unlimited number of screens. This unties the hands of your marketing department which can experiment with different tactics to engage with the visitors. 

As we mentioned earlier, the customer experience is absolutely essential. Screens are ensuring that your visitors have a great time being at your bank, their wellbeing is the most important goal. 

Eliminating waiting times

It’s not a secret that many retail banking institutions can have problems in the waiting department. Even worse, some may be associated with that, with customers thinking about the stressful time inside the bank even before visiting the branch. It shouldn’t be like that. And the main competitive advantage would come from handling the waiting times properly. 

That’s where digital signage shines. The screens can be used to create a queuing system that will minimize the waiting and ensure that all the operations are done smoothly and with due respect to the visitors.

Efficient promotion

Retail banks today have a wide variety of propositions. Often the customers are lost in the stream of financial services thrown at them. You can use displays at your branch to promote the special offers your bank has. 

By presenting them visually, in a clear manner, you are able to engage with your visitors more directly and create an interest in your offer. Run interesting videos, utilize imagery, mix it with your branding, own your promotional content. The visual capabilities of digital signage offer you a perfect tool to reach those goals. 

Nurturing trust

We feel that trust is such an underrated part of present-day marketing. It’s never enough to just show a video or an image. As a banking institution, the highest level of customer engagement you can get is when the person relies on your service. Nurture that using digital signage. 

Digital signage per se doesn’t immediately win you respect of a customer. However, in combination with flawless service, great offers, and a smooth experience, it’s something that catalyzes the whole process. 

You can use screens to show the human side of your bank: highlighting employees, talking about various aspects of doing business, asking your customers for feedback. 

All of it shows that you care about the people that work for you on one hand and the people that come to use your services on the other. And it’s in this synergy that the true success formula of customer engagement lies.

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