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Tips Of The Week: Boost Your Airbnb Guests' Experience

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 4, 2019
May 29, 2024

'Live like a local' — that's the approach that Airbnb is advertising for many years now. The goal is to help travelers feel like they're home wherever they go. As a host, you have to work hard to improve your guests' stay, and modern technology can help you with that in many ways.

Anyone who becomes your guest is either traveling as a tourist or have a business trip to your city. In both cases, you can affect your guest's experience directly and eliminate the hassle in his journey. After all, having happy guests will eventually result in more bookings.

Read our article to learn how to change the game and become the dream host with dozens of positive reviews and how to avoid that main mistakes. Digital signage in hospitality industry is just what may be the best solution for you in this case.

One display will be enough for apartment

First of all, let's start with the basics and determine how many hospitality digital signage displays you'll need to use in your apartment. Depending on the size of your home, you're going to need 1-2 displays. Mark our word that one screen will be enough for a small apartment. Two displays top and only if you have a duplex. Digital signage software for hospitality needs will not cost a lot if you plan to use a small number of screens.

In case you're dealing with bungalow or triplex, you're going to need three displays. However, it's more of an ideal situation, and even one screen will bring incredible value after all.

Choose the right digital signage software for the hospitality industry

digital signage in hospitality industry

When you are trying to choose the best digital signage in hospitality industry, you should consider the scalability and price tag that the most popular signage companies offer.

Your goal should be tracking down the most affordable option with a good subscription plan for small businesses like yours. Usually, signage software companies have an online calculator that lets you know the pricing after your fill in your needs.

The help desk is the best feature you can add to your place

Digital signage can do a lot in the hospitality industry. One of the core features that will bring value to your guests is an interactive help desk offering them instant communication channel with you (host).

You can either use a ticket system that will create inquiry tickets and send them to your email, or make a live chat with the messages being sent to your phone app.

Since the Airbnb offers the live chat functionality, the other thing that your help desk can help your guests with is the FAQ section. This may help you avoid unnecessary interactions and ease the guests' experience.

Display the sightseeing and attractions in the city

Make sure your guests know how to find the most exciting places of interest in your city. Add a section with the instructions on how to find the best sightseeing. Also, include a brief description and answers on why they should visit those places. This would help your guests save money and time.

Include an interactive map for tourists

When we talk about sightseeing and attractions, let’s not forget how crucial it is to have a map of the city.

Include an interactive map for tourists - Kitcast Blog

Digital signage hospitality software allows you to offer an interactive map to your guests. You can mark the most exciting places on the map and help them locate the best spots for breakfast and find the vital entertaining venues.

Museum, theater, taxi and cinema tickets booking

Your digital hospitality signage can become a real gateway to the convenient travel experience. You can offer your guests quick access to the taxi, shuttle bus and museum tickets booking right from your home. Imagine how comfortable it would be to request a cab without through the touch screen on display without the need of finding the best taxi services.

Also, you can partner up with a taxi company and get a small fee for referring your guests to them. It's a total win-win situation.


Digital signage in hospitality industry needs can do a lot if you're an Airbnb host. When we talk about your guests' experience — everything counts in. You help those travelers shape their opinion on your country, city, and your nation's hospitality. Try out the hospitality digital signage solutions to bring your Airbnb game to the utterly new level.

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