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5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Cannabis Dispensaries

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 26, 2021
May 29, 2024

Digital signage in cannabis dispensaries is truly a match made in heaven between the beautiful technology and forward-thinking retail. Discover all the benefits of using screens at your business.

As more and more states in the US and countries around the world legalize recreational cannabis use, the competition on the market grows and the dispensaries become less of a regular shop and more of a premium retail space ready to amaze and stun the customers. In such a competitive environment, it’s essential to have something that makes you stand out from the rest.

Сannabis digital signage is a logical step up for dispensaries as it allows you to completely transform your space adding almost unlimited visual power of technology. The displays fit all designs and elevate your marketing to new heights. That, in turn, means increasing sales, driving more engagement, making customers spend more time at your place and capturing attention easily. With so many advantages, it’s surprising that cannabis digital signage hasn’t yet become a widespread solution across dispensaries. On the other hand, it opens a window of opportunity for you to get in the signage game first and have a substantial advantage.

Turning to digital signage means stepping into the future of retail. You’re getting a reliable and versatile technology that evolves with your business and doesn’t require previous IT knowledge or having to deal with hardware and wires. Cloud-based signage solutions like Kitcast allow you to start showing amazing content right away. You have to simply plug a digital media player (Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV Stick) to the screen, download our app, go through a 5-minute installation process and you’re ready to go. 

Let us guide you through the 5 amazing benefits of using digital signage in cannabis dispensaries. 

1. Win the attention of your customers

Whether you’re operating a street shop or a space inside a mall, signage technology can help you in both cases. Install the screens outside of your place and let the visual technology do the magic. With great power to capture attention, the displays can be used to show content that is guaranteed to make people want to visit your dispensary. 

Here are the content ideas that can work for a dispensary window digital signage: 

  • run promotional images and videos inviting people to visit your store. Make it juicy, make it entertaining and create a desire to buy in your audience
  • show the assortment that can be found inside your dispensary, combine images and videos
  • broadcast stunning content about the cultivation, the product journey, make people stop and stare and then visit your store

It’s all about engagement with your audience. The screens are a perfect tool to ensure that there is a bigger level of connection. 

2. Upgrade your counter 

A dispensary counter is a holy place for your business. It is here that all the deals are made, the conversations are taking place and sales flow. That’s why it’s important to make it as customer-friendly as possible, giving your audience an ultimate cannabis buying experience that will make them come back and tell their friends about your dispensary. 

By implementing digital signage technology at your counter (or a lobby if you have one) will increase engagement and drive more sales. You can use the screens to show the content that will work best for your business. Amaze your customers with awesome videos, promote special deals, and create a feel-good atmosphere. Utilize all the powers of digital to make your counter better. 

3. Make your brand stronger

Branding matters. Cannabis digital signage helps you to digitally revamp your dispensary and promote your brand in the process. Use screens to send your brand message through. Show information that matters and broadcast the visuals that make your place stand out. With displays at your service, you’re getting an ultimate branding channel that helps you transform a mere customer visit into a full-fledged experience. 

Another part of it is nurturing trust. Screens will help your dispensary to stay attractive and on-point. 

4. Take your dispensary to a new dimension

Give your customers a truly immersive experience by adding a digital component to the browsing. Install smaller screens next to the products you sell and use them to give information about the origins and production. Make a visit to your dispensary a thrilling ride for a customer. 

For example, if it’s a customer’s first visit to your cannabis dispensary and he is curious about the various items you sell, you can take him on a tour using the screens placed next to the products describing interesting facts and applications. 

5. Leveling up your social media 

It’s almost impossible to not use social media in this day and age. Also, it’s often a struggle to gain new followers, a solid marketing effort is required. Make the most of a customer visit. You can use cannabis digital signage to effectively promote your social media channels, run various contests, ask people to post new content using your location and special hashtag. The flexibility and power of the screens will make the social media growth process feel easy and natural. 

Another great advantage of signage technology is the simplicity of gathering feedback. For example, if you’re sure that the customer is satisfied with the service you can use displays to ask for a positive review without having to communicate it verbally.

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