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How to Sell Better with Screens

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 20, 2022
May 29, 2024

Does digital signage have an impact on sales? Of course. And it’s a direct one. Without this technology, you’re down on the ground. When you start using screens, it gives you a marketing equivalent of wings. You’re basically flying in the clouds of content. And it feels great. Would you like to discover with Kitcast more about how to sell better with screens? Then, let’s go.

Is digital signage just another useless marketing tool?

We feel you. Marketing nowadays is so omnipresent and so diversified that it’s extremely easy to get lost in all the new approaches and tools. Once you mastered Instagram Stories, Meta introduces Reels. Once you’ve learned how to edit the YouTube videos, it’s the TikTok challenges that you should have been doing all along for your niche. 

The thing is that while solutions come and go, there are some that are basic, and they always will be there (at least for the foreseeable future). Has advertising disappeared? No. It just transformed itself, adapted to the new realities. But never went away. Same with digital signage. It is an extension of good old signage. 

The one that started thousands of years ago, the one that could be found in medieval times, the one that’s an essential part of how businesses interact with their customers. It’s just digital now. The screens are the medium that matters in the 21st century. So it’s here to stay. 

So the answer is absolutely not.

How does digital signage help business owners to sell better?

Today's business environment is brutal. Pandemic, world unrest, inflation, economic decline. It’s not an easy place to be. At times it is all about survival, about keeping afloat. But it shouldn’t be that negative. Businesses should thrive. Thankfully, there are tools just for that. 

Digital signage is that tool. As a modern, and ever-changing technology, it allows businesses to adapt to any crisis and get access to the best that marketing can offer. Its versatility and flexibility ensure that you sell better. Signage technology is next-gen, with it you’re always a step forward when it comes to content production and distribution. 

Let’s operate with examples. So you’re running a restaurant, for example. Without digital signage your menu is on paper, you always spend money and time changing the paper-based flyers, and your windows don’t attract much attention. 

Now, let’s imagine that you have digital signage technology in place. The passers-by stop to take a peek at the window screens showing awesome content about your restaurant. You’re engaging with the potential client even on the street. When they come inside, they are invited into a pleasant atmosphere that is aided by the high-definition screens creating the right mood. The menus are digital and it’s a state-of-art technology that runs videos highlighting the special propositions and inviting people to try new things. It’s a whole new digital ecosystem. 

As you can see from the second example, digital signage's impact on sales would be huge. With screens, you’re able to catch the attention of more people and sell more using great content.

Sales & marketing strategy of using digital signage

When our clients ask about the sales & marketing strategy of using digital signage, we always say two words. It depends. 

Once you understand this, creating beautiful digital content becomes easier. There is no magic formula that will immediately bring you sales out of thin air. And it’s good this way. That means that you have to analyze the nature of your business first, understand your audience, know perfectly their desires, and shoot. Give them what is relevant, give them high-quality stuff, and give them perfection.

Overall, our main advice would be: 

The best digital signage strategy is putting the audience first. 

If you want digital signage to have an impact on your sales, there’s simply no other way. It’s the core principle of marketing and you should also use it to win over the hearts and minds of your customers using the screen technology. 

So, how to sell better with screens?

Let’s make it short: 

1) know your audience

2) create content that your audience will find interesting 

3) stay in trend

4) experiment with different approaches to content delivery

5) do your homework, update your strategy once in a while 

6) know what’s hot in digital signage, don’t be outdated

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