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The Benefits of Digital Signage for Franchises

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 17, 2021
May 29, 2024

Digital signage is a great opportunity for a franchise to strengthen franchisor-franchisee relationships, cultivate trust, advertise more effectively and grow business. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of franchise digital signage.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a gym or a barbershop franchise, there are always challenges in getting the brand image promoted across all the franchisees. This in turn may bring miscommunication and confusion when there are many various locations. Without the necessary technology, managing multiple venues is quite problematic. Digital signage franchise opportunity gives franchisors and franchisees a powerful tool to manage the visual content.

By implementing digital signage the franchise gets a versatile solution that takes content delivery to the next level. Also, it brings clarity in managing the screens and what is shown introducing the centralized system when everything can be operated from one place. For busy franchises, it’s a great opportunity to make the visual strategy more effective without sacrificing time and money. As a communication tool, it can make employee training easier as well as can improve the work relations within the franchise.

Here are the amazing benefits the digital signage franchise opportunity has.

Better, easier central management

Many franchise agreements set out the branding strategy that the franchisees have to follow in order to benefit from the venture. Often it is extremely difficult to make it a reality as every small business in the system has its own approach to marketing and at times they fall behind the center’s vision. Franchise digital signage has the power to give order to the chaotic system and facilitate central content management.

This way the franchisors will have direct control over the content that is shown in the franchisee’s venues ensuring that the branding and advertising goals are met. On the other hand, the franchisees won’t have to deal with the tech and content delivery themselves and would invest time and money into day-to-day operations.

With cloud-based solutions like Kitcast, the whole digital signage network can be managed from one place. That means that you will be able to control all the screens and decide what content to run. Such freedom and an easy-to-use approach are indispensable for a smooth running of a franchise. With Kitcast you won’t need to worry about countless cables and incomprehensible tech stuff. You would only need a screen, an Apple TV and our app installed to start running content straight away.

State-of-art branding solution 

The brand matters. Franchises by design have to ensure that their branding efforts are on point and that all the new technological tools are used to enhance them. Digital signage gives franchises the opportunity to power up their content efforts by utilizing the unlimited visual capabilities of screens.

With display technology you can: 

  • promote your logo 
  • run videos about the brand 
  • ask for feedback from the customers
  • organize competitions, challenges, promote hashtags
  • grow your social media presence

As you can see, the capabilities of digital signage allow for much better branding. You can be sure that your content will be seen and engaged with.

Boost sales and grow quicker

At the end of the day, digital signage is all about sales. The screens instantly capture the attention of the customer and with the right content are much more effective than static signage. That’s why for a franchise, implementing display technology is also an opportunity to boost sales. 

You can use digital signage for: 

  • upselling 
  • promoting your products, special propositions, announce sales promotions
  • highlighting items from your menu, certain services
  • creating a visual environment that facilitates sales
  • implementing digital menus 


Let’s say you run a pizza joint franchise with multiple franchisees across many states. All of them follow the branding guidelines. Here’s the customer journey you can have with digital signage in place. 

You can place a window screen running various pieces of promotion content and constantly rolling the logo to capture the attention from the outside. 

When the customer enters the joint, he is greeted with several screens on the walls that show various entertaining videos creating an easy-going atmosphere and setting the right mood for enjoying pizza. The counter is fully digitized with a huge animated menu clearly showing the assortment and also running fun promotions of the special propositions and offers of the day. 

After ordering, the customer goes to the sitting area where the screens are combining the entertaining content with the call-to-action bits for social media following. You can use displays to run social media competitions, promote a specific brand-related hashtag, give special prizes and gather feedback. 

Such a journey if done right is guaranteed to leave your customer satisfied with the visit to the restaurant and leaving more money. As you can see, with just a few screens and the right strategy you can create a 360-degree marketing experience. 

Ensuring safety and security 

With an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the franchises have to be very careful to follow all the health safety guidelines in order to stay in business. In the US they vary from state to state, so in order to be flexible and minimize risks, it’s important to have a solution that can help. Digital signage is one of the best tools for alerts, important health announcements and instant messaging.

You can use the screens to remind customers about social distancing and mask-wearing. Also, digital signage can be a great way to announce important information.

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