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Best Content Ideas for Digital Signage for Venues in 2022

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 28, 2022
May 29, 2024

Digital signage for venues allows you to organize the marketing and reach more engagement goals more effectively. It’s a fantastic way to level up your place and impress visitors. This article will walk you through the best content ideas for venue digital signage highlighting what’s hot in 2022.

What does "digital signage for venue" mean?

Digital signage is a technology that allows you to show content with the help of screens. It is an awesome marketing tool that is actively used by businesses and organizations worldwide. 

When it comes to digital signage for venues, it’s a solution that can improve your engagement and boost sales. Basically, we’re talking about the displays installed across your club, concert hall, entertainment center, or stadium.

But the screens are not there to randomly broadcast. They are tools helping to realize the content strategy. With the advancements of modern digital signage solutions for venues, you can do magic with what you showing, when you showing, and how you’re showing. It’s an ultimate extension for your marketing that (if used right) can lead to fantastic results. 

What are the advantages of venue digital signage?

It’s important to understand, that screen technology is a complex of elements. While it’s a magic pill for better content marketing, it still should be used properly to get you results. However, if you are following the advice (which can be found on our blog), you’re safe. Then it’s only advantages from there. 

So here is what you’re getting when deploying the digital signage for venues:

a) a state-of-the-art communication system 

A network of screens is a contemporary and efficient way to interact with people. Whether it’s done through text, imagery, or videos, digital signage makes sure that the visual part is spectacular and the text reaches the recipient. 

b) next-gen advertising network 

A big chunk of venue marketing is advertising. Why not elevate it with the help of the displays? By introducing the screen solutions you’re getting a modern, exciting, and flexible canvas for any kind of advertising endeavor. And it is a guarantee for more income and more interest from the advertisers. 

c) better sales

The venue with digital signage and without are two very different institutions. With screens in place, you’re transforming your venue into an interactive and engaging spot where sales flow. You can do all kinds of promotions, highlight special propositions, and ensure that every inch of your marketing is heading in the right direction. 

d) providing enhanced comfort for the visitors

Venues differ. There are compact concert halls with only a tiny lobby and a stage. There are mega entertainment centers where it’s easy to get lost. What is similar? Digital signage can be used in both cases for additional comfort for your visitors. From wayfinding to informational support, screens are there to make the experience better for the people.

e) winning attention

Although, the focus of the visitors coming to a venue would be an event they came for, getting their attention while you can is a great way to market. Of course, we’re talking about the non-intrusive, gentle attention-grabbing, the one that speaks to the interests of your target audience. Digital signage is perfect for that. Use screens to communicate with the people and give them more in terms of a visit. 

f) upgrading the visiting experience

Not only can you use the screens in the lobby, the cafe, or the corridors of your venue. The display technology can ameliorate the actual event experience. Whether it’s for the text accompaniment for opera performances, or to create an immersive vibe during the concert performance, digital signage can be a game changer when it comes to creative industries. The versatility allows for thrilling explorations and projects. 

What are the best content ideas for venue digital signage in 2022

When we’re talking about the digital signage for venues it’s essential to understand that no place is similar and the audiences differ too. That’s why you have to design what you show with the people in mind. Ask yourself what they would be interested to see, and what will make them happy, satisfied, and excited. Also, circle out the things that can negatively impact your audience. After thorough planning, you can start showing your content. But please do the research first in order to avoid failure. 

So here are the best content ideas for digital signage for venues for 2022: 

- Social media walls

Not doing social is somewhat of a crime in 2022 and you absolutely have to use the screens to promote your channels. Do hashtag promotions, ask for followers, boost user-generated content, and make screens work for you. 

- Video walls 

Everybody loves a good video wall. It’s an ultimate wow moment and a great addition to your venue.

- Interactive signage

Don’t just show content. Interact with the content. Ask questions, organize contests, give out prizes, and gather feedback. Make sure to establish a bridge between you and the audience. 

- Digital menus

Nothing can beat a well-designed digital menu. And if you’re operating a cafe, bar, or restaurant at your venue, adding screens is an absolute must. 

- Queue-management

When there is an event, there’s a queue. You can’t avoid it, but you can control it. And the screens will make it easier for everyone. 

- VR and AR advertising

The regular ads are fine. But what about the VR and AR ones? The screens will be the teleport to this exciting new world of technology. 

- NFT promotion

If your venue is in any way connected to the world of NFT, why not make the most of the digital signage and use screens to showcase, promote and sell your NFTs? 

- Atmosphere screens

A new cool trend for digital signage at venues is using the displays to create a special atmosphere. Run visuals, add sounds, and invite your audience to actually live the experience.

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