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Digital Signage as a Tool for Safe Communication in the Age of Social Distancing

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 14, 2023
May 29, 2024

Digital signage for safety communication is a great way to address the most important post-Covid dilemma. We’re talking about the balance between interaction and social distancing. The world economy is still recovering from the negative impact of the pandemic and using the tools that help mitigate the risks is a must.

The rise of the safety culture

While before the pandemic you could only find the concept of “safety culture” within the workplace, in 2023 it’s a widespread approach across all industries. Sure, there were different responses to employee and customer safety, but the common pattern today is ensuring the highest possible standard of working and shopping environment. 

David G. Rogers defines safety culture as “a constant commitment to safety as a top-level priority”. Organizations and businesses worldwide take that pledge to protect their employees and customers. 

COVID served as a catalyzer of the rising attention to the concept. Not only has safety become a priority, but failing to ensure it started to mean that the organization or business could cease to exist. That’s why in 2023 safety is not a mere check that the company or organization should have, it’s a full-fledged existential feature. 

When you lack safety in your workplace, around your retail space, or in your hotel, you risk losing it all because of the negative impact of health-related processes. While the vaccination efforts were largely successful in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it’s still very much there. And it’s mutating. Also, there are other diseases that should be discarded. 

Overall, the more prepared you are the better. That’s why we’re talking about the technology that helps you mitigate safety. And this technology is digital signage.

Why using digital signage for safety communication is important

COVID showed humanity how much it relies on touch and physical interaction. That became a curse. A virus that spreads easily through communication means has put to end person-to-person interaction and given rise to remote solutions and a hybrid workforce. 

Yes, the regular workplace sees its comeback in 2023. The techno giant Google has called all the workers back into the office. Salesforce and JPMorgan Chase are doing the same. It seems that everything has been slowly coming to normal. But in reality, the very approach has transformed. 

Forbes proclaimed that the touchless office becomes the golden standard of the workplace. Technology-powered touchless retail is becoming increasingly present. All of these processes indicate the desire of both workers and customers to be safe while being inside the premises. And that’s when digital signage comes into play even more confidently than before. 

Screens enable safe communication. With the signage technology, the interaction is facilitated, the engagement is boosted, and the sales are enhanced. All of these things while ensuring a health-first approach. Adaptability is another amazing feature that allows businesses and organizations to be flexible when a crisis strikes.

How exactly can you use screens for safety communication?

Let’s review how digital signage can be used to ensure the safety culture. 

- touchless distribution of information in the workplace

Say bye to printed materials when the screens are deployed. All the internal communication is done via displays and that allows for quick and safe information dissemination. 

- safety in meetings

Screens are used as a booking system for meeting rooms. Within the meeting rooms, digital signage ensures connectivity with remote departments. 

- effective alerts and messaging

No matter what the industry is, rapid alerts save lives. With screens, you can have the most effective system for the quick distribution of information about extraordinary events. Health info is also included. 

- providing an efficient social distancing information 

While largely the draconian social distancing era is behind us, it can come back any day. Right now we’re in the so-called “gentle social distancing” period when it’s not strictly implemented but is still recommended. Screens are perfect for both eras. They allow you to have a clear channel to broadcast all the necessary social distancing information. 

- queue management 

Nobody likes the queues. Queues are unhealthy and dangerous. But do you know what’s even worse? Unmanaged, uncontrolled queues. That’s what digital signage technology successfully solves. With the screens, you can have effective queue management that will contribute to the safety of everyone.

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